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The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) Marks 75th Anniversary, Looks to Future

WASHINGTON–The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) —the world’s leading professional industrial and office real estate association — officially kicked off its 75th anniversary celebration today, just as the organization has equaled its broadest global reach ever.

Established in 1941 with a rich history, SIOR now extends to 48 chapters worldwide, consisting of more than 3,000 members, with plans to further expand its global footprint. SIOR has also unveiled a new logo and brand, including an easily identifiable insignia that speaks to its past, present, and future, reflective of the organization’s message, beliefs, and overall strategy.

SIOR’s overarching program not only addresses the organization’s roots but takes place in the context of ever-increasing technology and globalization, which reinforces the need for the most sophisticated, knowledgeable, cutting-edge commercial real estate advisors who are linked together through a network that reaches every corner of the world.

“As we celebrate our 75th anniversary SIOR is more dedicated than ever to ensuring that we recruit and retain the industry’s finest professionals — best-in-class brokers from around the world,” said Allen Gump, SIOR’s Global President. “We see unbounded potential for our members to further add a unique blend of value and professionalism to our industry. We have been serving occupiers of commercial real estate for three quarters of a century, and yet we feel like we are only just getting started.”

Gump further noted that while SIOR is proud of its history and accomplishments, the programs being unveiled today will help chart the organization’s future. “In an age of ever-increasing globalization and technological advances, it is imperative that we continue to be, and be seen as, the industry leaders in service to our clients by virtue of our connectivity with other SIORs from around the globe,” he said. “We take tremendous pride in what our members have achieved and we’re delighted with the programs we have in place moving forward.”

Dating back to its World War II origins, SIOR is also taking a modernized approach. In addition to its new logo, SIOR has: reinvigorated the look of its website; introduced new digital tools that offer unprecedented support for members’ online business generation; begun planning its first global conference to be sited outside of North America (London, June, 2016); announced plans for the dynamic redesign of its in-house publication; and activated a systematic, organization-wide public-facing thought leadership initiative.

SIOR is also developing new, high-level research reports and partnerships that specifically target the evolving, real-world needs of the various real estate companies its members advise.

“I can’t recall a more exciting time for SIOR and its members,” said SIOR Executive President Richard Hollander. “We plan to mark 75 wonderful years by charting an ambitious, substantive, innovative, and professional course for the next 75 years to come. We are well positioned to play an even larger, more substantial role throughout the 21st century and beyond.”