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Vacation Rental Revenues Halved Amid COVID-19 Crisis, Entire Industry to Lose $35B in 2020

By Jastra Kranjec Over the years, the vacation rental industry became a huge business, with millions of tourists choosing...

Let Clint Eastwood Rightsize Your Real Estate Footprint

By Gabe Burke Corporate real estate is headed for a showdown. A fear once deemed insignificant is now impossible...

Do Amenities Still Matter in a Post-COVID-19 World?

Over the past decade, amenities in and around office buildings had grown in quantity, popularity and creativity. The proliferation of office...
International Energy Conservation Code, NRDC, San Francisco, Seattle

At Long Last, A Truly Final 2021 Energy Code

By Lauren Urbanek It’s been a long time coming, but we now have a...
Cushman & Wakefield, Ghost Kitchen, DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats

Ghost Kitchens: Cooking up a Response to COVID-19

By Garrick Brown Ghost kitchens (also referred to as cloud, commissary, dark, delivery or shadow kitchens) are delivery-only restaurants that,...
Mobile Work Unit, VITAL, San Francisco, Seattle

The End of the Great Compromise

By Nash Hurley The era of the great compromise of work space has come to an end. For the...

Fortune 500 Companies Turning to Agile Seating for Safe Reentry & Long Term CRE...

COVID-19 has thrust the CRE industry into another transformative era. Causing C-suites to reflect on how they’ve supported employee productivity in the...
VITAL, PAE, Digifabshop, Overhead VAV

This is Air.

By Nash Hurley, Josh Emig and Marco Alves Last month, before our outside air...
Amazon, Bellevue, Vulcan, Eastside, NBBJ

Amazon: Bringing 10,000 Additional Jobs to Bellevue

(The original post of this article can be found here.) By John Schoettler Amazon announces plans...
Cushing Terrell, National Restaurant Association, Seattle, San Francisco

Where Do We Go from Here to Rebuild Consumer Confidence?

By Sheri Blattel, Retail Design Studio Lead at Cushing Terrell Before headlines dominated by...

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