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Hub and Spoke and Why Every Employer Should be Focused on the Suburbs

By Eugene McGrane As I often do when thinking about real estate and the economy, I found myself reflecting on The Power Broker by Robert...

March to June, Where are We Really After 3 Months of COVID Effects on...

By Eugene McGrane Well it’s been a long three months of Shelter in Place orders across most of the country. We’ve seen a record number...
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McNellis: The Post-Plague Office

Real Estate in the Plague Year By John McNellis Last week, Mark Zuckerberg said he believes that half of Facebook’s employees will be working from home over...
McNellis elevator

McNellis: Death of the Elevator

By John McNellis Real Estate in the Plague Year Without the elevator…there could be no downtown skyscrapers or residential high-rises, and city life as we know...
San Francisco, Seattle, John Cumbelich & Associates

Repurpose, Rezone or Replace

By John Cumbelich The overbuilt US market for retail space was one crisis away from a major correction. That correction is now upon us. The COVID-19 pandemic...

McNellis: Working the Recession

By John McNellis Recession: a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP...
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Rent Moratoriums: Impact on Pension Fund Investors

By Stanley L. Iezman, Chairman and CEO of American Realty Advisors COVID-19 has resulted in the unfortunate economic winddown of many businesses as our society seeks...

May 1: Rent & Occupancy Trends

By Dylan Simon and Jerrid Anderson Collection Loss on 44,000 Seattle Area Apartments We find ourselves in strange times indeed. How does one treat time in...
Seattle, Tiscareno Associates, The Cove, Vibrant Cities, Redmond Modera, The Danforth

Like “Solving a Puzzle”: Designing for Livability in High-Density Projects

By Bob Tiscareno, AIA, and Scott Glazebrook, AIA, Tiscareno Associates With the housing affordability and availability crunch reaching many corners of the country, higher-density residential...
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Tomorrow is Another Stay: Impacts of COVID-19 on the Hotel Industry Part Three

By Jena Thornton COVID-19 continues to have a dramatic and wide-sweeping impact on the global hospitality industry. We will continue to report the Smith Travel Research...

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