Report: Retail West Coast Year in Review & Look Ahead

This article was republished with explicit permission from Kidder Mathews and its author, and it originally appeared here. Demand Fuels Expansion in Brick & Mortar...
Reno, ProPublica, Reno Housing Authority

Reno Seeks to Purchase Motels as Affordable Housing Instead of Letting Developers Demolish Them

The mayor of Reno did little to stop the razing of motels that housed low-income residents or to replace lost units. Following a ProPublica...
Energy Policy Act, Commercial Buildings Energy-Efficiency Tax Deduction, NMTC, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, BPM

Tax Incentives for Commercial Property Owners and Builders

By James Su, Managing Director, Tax  The COVID-19 pandemic continues to deliver unpredictable impacts on U.S. markets, commercial real estate included. Because of the rise...
Zoned Properties, States Reform Act, Controlled Substances Act

Top Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers Entering the Cannabis Market

By Bryan McLaren, Zoned Properties With the shift towards medical and adult-use cannabis legalization, more than half of the U.S. population now has access to...
Gabe Burke Accenture Real Estate & Workplace Solutions consulting practice

Opinion: Corporate Real Estate Has Become a Black Hole That Devours Money. Time to...

Written by Gabe Burke. Edited by Sharon Simonson. Real estate portfolios must be restructured. To delay no longer makes sense. When the pandemic began, no...
San Francisco, Seattle, Oakland, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Inland Empire office leasing

Opinion: Will the Recent Supreme Court Decision on Vaccination Requirements Impact Office Leasing?

By Vladimir Bosanac Say what you will about liberty in the United States, but as someone who is vaccinated, boosted and taking all the precautions...
BPM, Yardi, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, CCTV

The Time Has Come for Commercial Real Estate Companies to Embrace the Digital Future

Upgrading legacy IT systems can lead to transformative changes that cut costs, improve efficiency and introduce a higher level of automation By Michael Sellai, Partner,...

Amazon CEO Sets Flexible Return-to-Work Baseline

Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy sent the following message to Amazon’s employees Subject: Updated guidance on where we work Dear Amazonians, I want to update you on how...
Drawbridge Realty, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego

Mark Whiting, Drawbridge Realty: Suburban Office Outlook Bright as Tenants Provide More Flexible Workspaces...

By Mark Whiting, CEO of Drawbridge Realty One thing that is clear for the real estate market as we progress into the latter stages of...
Tishman Speyer, Hana Financial Group

Clean, Efficient, Equitable Buildings Infrastructure

By Pierre Delforge  As part of its Build Back Better budget reconciliation proposal, the U.S. House of Representatives has included historic provisions to help clean...

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HomeSmiles Jesshill Love Franchise Brokers Association Emerging Brand of the Year Award for 2022 Bay Area Silicon Valley Northern California

Northern California Franchiser HomeSmiles Wins Prestigious Emerging Franchise Brand of the Year Award in Orlando, FL

Silicon Valley, CA - The Franchise Brokers Association has awarded the Emerging Brand of the Year Award for 2022 to a Bay Area franchiser...

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