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Keepe Partners With Zillow Group to Offer On-Demand Maintenance to Landlords and Property Managers in Select Cities

Keepe’s on-demand network of maintenance technicians is now available to landlords and property managers in five metro areas via Zillow Rental Manager

SEATTLE (March 7, 2019) — Keepe, the on-demand maintenance platform for the rental housing industry, today announced that it has teamed up with Zillow Group to offer landlords and property managers an efficient way to source qualified maintenance technicians and streamline the maintenance process for their portfolio of rental properties. Keepe’s network of independent on-demand maintenance technicians is now available to Zillow’s customers in five major metropolitan markets including Greater Seattle, San Francisco Bay area, Greater Portland, Greater San Diego and the Phoenix Metropolitan area. 

“For landlords and property managers with portfolios of single-family homes and small apartment buildings, sourcing high quality maintenance technicians on an ongoing basis is the number one problem,” said Rishi Mathew, co-founder and CEO, Keepe. “With Keepe’s platform, Zillow Rental Manager users can tap into a high quality network of maintenance technicians who are independently licensed and insured, background checked and constantly vetted by Keepe’s customers.” 

With Keepe: 

  • Landlords and Property managers can submit maintenance requests and obtain quick online estimates. 
  • Keepe automatically schedules with tenants, and automatically dispatches a technician (Keeper) to complete the maintenance request.
  • The requester of maintenance request can get notifications when work is scheduled and successfully completed. 
  • In addition, admins get access to the entire history of maintenance requests thereby allowing them to manage their entire portfolio of rental units more effectively.

Recent industry research has put the spotlight on rental property maintenance as one of the most important aspects of property management. In a recent Freddie Mac survey, 82 percent of renters cited “freedom from home maintenance responsibilities” as the main reason for continuing to rent instead of own homes. In a separate 2018 survey by Buildium and the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), property managers declared maintenance as the top challenge facing their business. 

As landlords and property managers realize the importance of streamlining maintenance using technology, they are turning toward software solutions that can bring transparency and efficiency to the process both for themselves, renters and property owners. Keepe’s partnership  with Zillow™ is a major step in this direction. To learn more, visit www.keepe.com. 

About Keepe

 Keepe is the on-demand maintenance platform for the rental housing industry. Keepe’s network of independent maintenance technicians are available seven days a week and in five metropolitan markets – Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, San Diego and Phoenix. Live since 2016, Keepe is headquartered in Seattle. For more information, visit www.keepe.com