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DoorDash Expands into 30,440 SQFT Office in Seattle’s 2+U Building

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Courtesy of DoorDash

By Kate Snyder

As part of its two-year anniversary celebration, DoorDash’s Seattle office has expanded into a 30,440-square-foot office at the 2+U building in the city’s downtown, according to information from the company. The new space includes communal workstations, conference rooms, phone booths, a parent’s room, a focus room, all hands space, lockers on site and a modular room used for training and larger meetings.

“We’re thrilled to call Seattle and the Pacific Northwest home,” said Director of Engineering and Seattle Site Lead David Azose. “With the new expanded office, we hope to attract and welcome talented individuals who are looking to make an impact, while empowering local businesses in Seattle and beyond. Our Seattle hub continues to grow to support key business initiatives as we accelerate into new growth categories and innovate upon our core logistics platform.”

The 2+U building is located at 1201 2nd Ave in Seattle’s Central Business District. The 686,000 square foot, 38-story office building offers flexible, versatile workspaces, high-tech amenities, unobstructed views and multiple unique tenant event spaces, according to the property’s website, and is easily accessible by foot, bike, ferry, bus or car. Other tenants include Dropbox, Indeed and Qualtrics.

The tower sits in a core retail area and is within walking distance to Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market. It shares the neighborhood with the Seattle Art Museum and Seattle Public Library-Central Library, according to Google Maps, along with numerous restaurants, banks, hotels and other local businesses.

Courtesy of DoorDash

Last year, DoorDash announced that in 2022 the firm would transition from its official work-from-home guidance to a hybrid work model for all corporate employees. The resultant Flexible Workplace Model allows teams to decide how they want to leverage in-person and remote work, according to the company’s website. Some teams, the firm believes, benefit from more time together in-person, solving complex problems and learning within a community, but rather than require employees to work in an office for a set number of days, the hybrid model allows for different elements of both in-person and remote work depending on how distributed each team is and the nature of each team’s work.

“In many ways, whether COVID-19 occurred or not, we would be evolving how we work,” said Tony Xu, co-founder and CEO of DoorDash. “As a growing organization with offices across the world and teams distributed across cities, we will continue to iterate. And as with all things at DoorDash, we will always aim to improve and keep getting better.”

Headquartered in San Francisco, DoorDash is a technology company that provides pickup and delivery options for local residents and businesses in neighborhoods across the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Germany. According to the firm’s website, its focus is on growing and empowering local economies through building last-mile logistics infrastructure for local commerce. In the last two years, the company has expanded its global footprint to help accelerate its continued growth.