Bill & Melinda Gates Center for Computer Science and Engineering Topping Off Ceremony

A ceremony held at the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering @ University of Washington celebrated the first phase of construction of a new computer science building, funded with a $15 million donation from Bill and Melinda Gates

The 135,000 square foot center, which will open in early 2019, will allow the university to double its annual computer science an engineering degree production

Expanding the nationally-ranked computer science program at the university, the building will feature room for the more than 1,000 undergraduate students enrolled in the major; a new robotics laboratory; a wet lab; and additional classroom, office and collaboration spaces

When Microsoft moved back to Seattle in 1979, it was a blossoming company with roughly 15 employees—but it retained a long-term vision, which grew in tandem with the university, according to Gates

“We had big ambitions, so were hoping that the university would grow along with us, that its size and ranking would make it one of the best in the world—and, in fact, that’s exactly what has happened,” said Gates