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Xceligent Condemns Anti-Competitive Legal Action by CoStar

Kansas City, MO (13 December, 2016) —Xceligent, a leading provider of verified commercial real estate information across the United States, regards the lawsuit filed by our rival CoStar Group over alleged copyright infringement as entirely without merit.

Doug Curry, Chief Executive Officer of Xceligent, said: “The lawsuit fits with a pattern of action by CoStar of filing lawsuits against its competitors to protect its dominant market position in commercial real estate research in the United States. In fact, in August 2012, the Federal Trade Commission issued an Order restraining CoStar from engaging in certain activities, which the Federal Trade Commission determined to be anti-competitive in nature.”

Xceligent takes seriously the protection and respect of intellectual property rights, including those of its competitors. All Xceligent data centers operate to ensure protection of intellectual property rights and have controls in place to ensure we publish data that we have collected within the scope of those rights. In addition to our own data collection operations, Xceligent contracts with third parties to supplement our own operations and we require that such third parties maintain the same rigorous requirements with respect to intellectual property rights. Additionally, our clients and other commercial real estate market participants load data and images into our platform and we require that they agree to only load content for which they have the legal right to provide to us.

Xceligent has a long history and currently operates in 50 markets within the United States. In each market that we operate, we have conducted a comprehensive research process, deploying large teams of drivers into each market to proactively drive and photograph every significant property in the targeted city, creating original, documented photography. We have performed site inspections of over 1.5 million properties. Our team of 900 researchers build and maintain a comprehensive database of property characteristics, tenants, historical sales transactions and available space and properties for sale by making thousands of proactive calls to industry participants to gather information each month.

It is not surprising that timing of CoStar’s lawsuit coincides with our efforts to gather data and launch our services in the New York market. In New York, Xceligent is currently completing the onsite inspections of over 170,000 structures in the greater New York area. The New York build has been performed with a team of over 300 dedicated researchers. We believe that the timing of this lawsuit is intended to distract Xceligent in our efforts to launch this market and is a further attempt by CoStar to stifle competition.

In just over 4 years, Xceligent has expanded into 50 of the largest markets in the country including Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, and Florida. We have worked hard to provide the commercial real estate market with an effective competitor to CoStar. For the benefit of our customers and to maintain a strong, price-effective alternative to CoStar for all commercial real estate professionals, we will resist any attempt to curtail our expansion in the United States through aggressive use of lawsuits aimed at stifling competition.

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