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WeGoLook and REtipster.com Form Strategic Partnership

WeGoLook and REtipster.com announced a new partnership this week that provides real estate investors with inspections prior to the final sale or negotiation of properties nationwide. The new affiliation allows investors to evaluate real estate anywhere in the country with cost effective dynamic data and photo reporting, as well as educational resources to successfully grow their business.

REtipster.com is an educational platform focused on aiding new and seasoned investors while capitalizing on their opportunities. Founder Seth Williams is an active contributor on the site sharing his knowledge and experience regarding land investing, rental property investments, buying and selling real estate, lead generation, real estate technology, and successfully running a part-time real estate business. The site now highlights their new partnership with WeGoLook, encouraging investors to utilize Real Estate Inspections when evaluating properties across the country.

“WeGoLook is a game-changing solution for real estate investors who are working remotely. This company offers an incredibly convenient and cost-effective way for investors to do the proper due diligence on their investment properties without the endless headaches of coordinating with unknown third parties from across the country. With the undeniable value that WeGoLook brings to the table, it’s a no-brainer to get them involved in every deal – it just makes sense,” Seth Williams, REtipster.com Founder.

WeGoLook leverages their team of 15,000+ Lookers (agents) nationwide to conduct on-site Real Estate Inspections and provide Notary Services supplying investors with relevant data to make business decisions prior to the final sale of a property. The services allow investors to buy and sell from anywhere in the country while reducing travel fees.

How it Works: Real estate investors seeking further education visit REtipster.com and discover WeGoLook’s services. With a property in mind, an investor orders a WeGoLook Real Estate Report. A Looker is dispatched in the area to take photos and collect customized data required via mobile app. The information is compiled into a final electronic report and delivered to the investor allowing them the opportunity to make investment decisions. WeGoLook also supplies investors with Notary Services essential to the final sale of the property.

“We are passionate about providing services that connect people all over the country contributing to their success as an entrepreneur and minimizing overhead travel costs,” Robin Smith, WeGoLook COO and Co-Founder.

About REtipster.com
REtipster.com is a real estate blog that focuses on some of the lesser-known (but highly effective) real estate investing techniques. Seth Williams goes into great detail on his areas of expertise, including land investing, rental properties, seller financing strategies, productivity hacks and the secrets to building a thriving, self-sustaining business on a part-time basis.

About WeGoLook:
WeGoLook is a dynamic field services and inspection company leveraging a sharing economy of 15,000+ Agents in the United States. Tasks and inspections are assigned to Agents through a crowdsourced platform. Agents collect field data, photos, and video via the WeGoLook Mobile App and complete custom tasking such as item pickup and delivery and more. WeGoLook specializes in verifying autos, properties, boats, heavy equipment, antiques, electronics, furniture, RV’s and other assets. WeGoLook has expanded to international markets in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia with other countries to follow.