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Vulcan Names New CEO, Bill Hilf

Vulcan Inc. has announced that it has named a new CEO, Bill Hilf.

“At Vulcan we galvanize and enable smart people to tackle such challenges head-on,” said Allen in a press release. “To accelerate our progress and maximize our impact, I have named Bill Hilf as Vulcan’s new CEO. Bill will join Vulcan December 1, reporting directly to me. I will remain Chairman and Founder, and look forward to working with Bill in setting Vulcan’s vision and strategy and tackling our slate of challenging initiatives.”

Allen went on to say that Hilf is an outstanding technologist and experienced executive whose talents will complement and add to Vulcan’s current leadership team. Most recently, Bill served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s Cloud business unit. Prior to joining Hewlett-Packard, he was the General Manager of Product Management for Microsoft Azure, and previously led Microsoft’s Technical Computing Group. In that role, Hilf helped develop solutions for a wide range of scientific and engineering challenges, including High Performance Computer Server systems, parallel languages and runtimes, and mathematical modeling tools, says Allen. Earlier in his career, Hilf worked at IBM as a senior architect in Linux and Open Source, and honed his skills at a range of software start-ups.

“I appreciate Bill’s tech savvy – the capacity to think both logically and creatively, and to zero in on critical details without losing sight of the big picture,” said Allen in the release. “I believe in the power of shared data and technology to help build a better future. Bill’s extensive open source, business and technology experience will help further Vulcan’s progress. His tech and management credentials are not the only reason he is such a good fit to serve as Vulcan’s CEO; he also strongly believes in making the world a better place.”

During Hilf’s years at Microsoft, he served as the company’s executive sponsor to the United Nations Refugee Agency, was the divisional leader for the Microsoft “Give” campaigns and launched a charity that helps street children in the Philippines build self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills through sports.

President and Chief Operating Officer, Barbara Bennett, and the entire executive committee have built an excellent foundation for expanding Vulcan’s scope. Hilf will partner with Allen, Bennett and the team to continue evolving it’s organization.

“I’m proud of the impact we’ve had so far and look forward to even more impactful projects in the future,” continued Allen in the release. “We’re excited to have Bill join our team.”