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Voodoo Doughnut Conjures Up its Magic on Seattle’s Capitol Hill

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By Billy the Broker (I just want to stay anonymous)

Seattle, get ready to be spellbound! Voodoo Doughnut, the whimsical purveyor of quirky pastries that has had folks lining up in multiple states, is set to make its latest mark on Capitol Hill. Yes, those long queues that Portlanders have accepted as a part of their daily grind will soon be a Seattle spectacle.

The Portland-born company, noted not just for its mouth-watering doughnuts but also for their flairs of eccentricity, has earmarked a delicious 2,600 square feet in the Booker Building, based on a report by the Puget Sound Business Journal. Situated charmingly at the corner of Pine Street and Minor Avenue, this is a location that’s bound to have Seattleites murmuring with excitement – and perhaps a touch of magic.

CEO Chris Schultz, couldn’t help but sprinkle a bit of that Voodoo charm, quipping, “We’re thrilled to finally bring some Voodoo Magic to Seattle.” One can only hope that the Capitol Hill neighborhood is ready for what’s set to be a delightful assault on its taste buds.

But the aura of mystery continues to shroud the shop. The exact opening date for the Capitol Hill sojourn is yet to be unveiled. We know Voodoo’s enchantment has been spread from Oregon to places as varied as Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and Florida. And there’s word on the wind about a Chicago venture looming in the future.

As tempting as the Voodoo doughnuts themselves, the new shop’s location is prime. It’s just a hop, skip, and jump away from the Seattle Convention Center and some of Capitol Hill’s most buzzing spots – Terra Plata, Starbucks Reserve Roastery, and the Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar. Rumor has it, if you close your eyes and listen closely, you can hear the sound of hundreds of Seattleites planning their doughnut detours already.

With half the 1201 Pine St. space occupied by ‘Pho 4 You’ (perhaps they will pair a magical broth with those doughnuts?) and the previous tenant being ‘Lan Hand-Pulled Noodles,’ it’s clear this space has always been about tantalizing the taste buds. The permit plans suggest the Voodoo team is all set to transform most of this area into back-of-house operations. But don’t fret! There will still be space for fans to stand, chill, and maybe chant a doughnut spell.

The money side of the magic? A cool half a million dollars is the starting estimate for this project. That’s a lot of dough(nuts)!

Meanwhile, the nearby former Mint Lounge at 1207 Pine St., which spans an impressive 3,195 square feet, whispers of potential expansion. Only time will tell if Voodoo’s magic wand will wave in that direction, too.

Seattle, brace yourselves. Voodoo Doughnut’s arrival promises an enchanting mix of taste, quirk, and magic. Capitol Hill, prepare to be bewitched!  🍩