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Vantis Enters Pacific Northwest Market with New Seattle Office

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Courtesy of Kyler Boone

-Vantis specializes in corporate, technology, healthcare and education facility interiors using custom prefabricated components that are adaptable as user needs change

-Longtime Seattle construction industry exec Mark Conway joins Vantis in regional leadership role

-Vantis also provides modular construction services to developers, working with designers and fabricators 

SEATTLE AND SILICON VALLEY — Vantis, the commercial interior construction company based in Northern California, today announced that the firm has opened an office in Seattle to serve the Pacific Northwest with the primary focus on the greater Puget Sound and Spokane markets. The company has hired Mark Conway, a longtime Seattle construction industry executive most recently with OpenSquare, to serve in a regional leadership role. 

Launched in January of 2019, Vantis has become one of the largest commercial interior construction firms in Northern California by embracing modern methods of construction and technology-driven service. More specifically, Vantis integrates custom prefabrication into the preconstruction planning and design process, with the prefab components produced off-site and then installed on-site as part of construction. Vantis works with architects, general contractors and subtrades to design and build custom corporate, technology, healthcare and education facility interiors. 

“Vantis has become a leader in the market by helping move the construction industry forward,” said Ryan Ware, President and Co-Founder of Vantis. “We apply technologies and service delivery methods that produce spaces in a better way — and fundamentally better spaces — than the status quo approach, which often leads to cost overruns, schedule delays and the inefficient use of specialized labor.”

“Vantis is entering the Pacific Northwest market for several reasons. First, many of the company’s clients in Northern California also have a presence here, and we want to be able to serve them in both locations. Second, there is an appreciation in this market for how construction methods and service delivery models are evolving to better serve users. Third, several of Vantis’ sister companies are located here, which presents a unique opportunity for us to provide full-service integrated project delivery by combining our interior commercial construction services with their suite of specialized offerings.” 

Sister companies of Vantis based in Seattle include OpenSquare, Porter and Splice. 

Mark Conway, the newly named Vice President – Pacific Northwest of Vantis, added: “Vantis is helping lead the construction industry by embracing technologies and service delivery methods that are more efficient and less wasteful than traditional construction, and that help create facilities that are more adaptable to future user needs. That’s why I’m excited to join Vantis now and continue my own and the industry’s journey forward.” 

“I anticipate a high degree of receptivity for Vantis’ services in the Pacific Northwest for the same reason the company is successful in Silicon Valley and the rest of Northern California. There’s a brain trust and talent pool here that will appreciate how Vantis operates and produces spaces as a modern construction company.” 

Vantis also works with modular construction fabricators to integrate their solutions into commercial, multifamily and hospitality buildings. “In this role, we take a master-builder approach,” Ware said. “Our primary focus is to evaluate and integrate all types of prefabrication with conventional methods of construction to address each client’s specific project requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. We help clients arrive at a solution that’s tailored for them.”