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TikTok Expands its Presence Across West Coast Markets, Taking More than 867,000 SQFT in Past Year

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Courtesy of Solen Feyissa

By Catherine Sweeney 

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity amongst consumers of the app, its parent company, ByteDance, continues to grow its presence across the West Coast. Over the past year, the Beijing-based internet technology company has signed leases for several hundred thousand square feet across Los Angeles, Puget Sound and the Bay Area.  

Recently, the company has expanded its already substantial space in Culver City. According to a recent report from Savills, ByteDance is set to take an additional 90,049 square feet at 900 Corporate Pointe through a sublease agreement. Prior to that, the space had been rented to Gen Digital. 

The property is just around the corner from a building at 5800 Bristol Parkway, where the company occupies 172,202 square feet. Previously, ByteDance had only occupied 119,000 square feet at the seven-story office building. However, in August, this space was expanded by approximately 53,202 square feet. 

However, ByteDance’s expansion moves haven’t stopped in Los Angeles. During the third quarter of this year, the firm also subleased 66,000 square feet at the Key Center in Bellevue. Previously occupied by SAP/Concur, the property is located at 601 108th Ave. and would be leased to ByteDance through at least 2025. 

Late last year, the company also took a substantial amount of space in San Jose, when it signed a sublease agreement for 658,000 square feet at San Jose’s Coleman Highline. The deal encompasses two buildings at 1193 and 1199 Coleman Ave. where Verizon was once located. 

In general, the company is growing in both popularity and size, reaching into untapped sectors of the industry as it continues on its forward trajectory. In addition to its place in entertainment and social media, the company has grown its e-commerce platform. Just last year, the company opened 389 job openings in Seattle with many focused on e-commerce, e-commerce monetization strategy, retail category leadership and more for the app’s TikTok Shop.