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TH Real Estate Report: Doomsday Scenarios Oversimplify State of US Retail Landscape

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Melissa Reagan

• Paper examines news headlines about the retail sector
• Adaptive asset managers and retailers cater to consumer preferences and behavior
• Online retail sales cannot fully replace consumers’ desire to shop in a physical store
• High-performing retail centers with an experiential component, are a buying opportunity

October 31, 2017 – In its latest research report, “THINK US Retail: De-cluttering the retail landscape” TH Real Estate examines the negative news headlines about the retail sector and the forces shaping the retail industry, looking ahead to where investment opportunities lie in the future.

“Doomsday scenarios cited in news coverage are extrapolated to the entire industry, rather than to the vulnerable segments which are truly struggling,” says Melissa Reagen, Americas Research Head, TH Real Estate. “In our view, the average-to-low-performing retail centers are seeing value declines, while there is no evidence of the same for high-performing malls and shopping centers.”

TH Real Estate’s report encourages consideration of how physical stores drive online sales, the performance of A-rated malls apart from B and C-rated malls and the net gain in store openings in 2017.

“The market is being de-cluttered via natural selection,” said John Ragland, TH Real Estate’s US Head of Retail. “E-commerce and technology are causing significant changes in retailers’ business models and weak retailers are being pushed out of business faster than ever before. The end result will be a set of financially healthier retailers and shopping centers that offer customers more compelling products and curated experiences. Ultimately, we believe this disruption is causing opportunities on which savvy investors can capitalize.”

John Ragland

“Defining characteristics of high-performing retail assets are a strong experiential component, continual adaptions that complement e-commerce, and strategic, forward-looking capital improvements that address shifts in consumer behavior and adapt to current technology,” added Reagen.

While the rise of online retail sales and continuing shifts in consumer behavior will continue to impact the US retail market, the report concludes that high-performing retail centers with an experiential component are a buying opportunity. While online retail sales have provided consumers with an easier and more efficient way to shop, e-commerce cannot replace the consumers’ desire to shop in a physical store. For more information, read the report.

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