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PropTech: Collaborative Marketing Platform Evocalize Looks to Democratize Digital Marketing for CRE Clients

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Courtesy of Evocalize

By Meghan Hall

Matthew Marx, Evocalize

Commercial real estate is a competitive industry, with players vying for the best deals and largest clients. However, Evocalize, a collaborative marketing platform, is looking to even the playing field amongst professionals and agents through technology and digital resources. The Registry spoke with Matthew Marx, Evocalize’s CEO and Founder, about the platform and its goals within the industry.

Please tell The Registry a little bit about Evocalize. Where did the idea to establish a CMP for real estate come from?

Evocalize is a marketing technology company headquartered in Seattle with offices in Austin, Texas. Our Collaborative Marketing Platform (CMP) simplifies digital marketing execution with partners for multi-location brands, marketplaces, and technology providers across multiple verticals including real estate, financial services, travel, restaurants, and retail. To date, our clients have executed over 850,000 local programs with their partners using the Evocalize CMP.

When we started Evocalize in 2013 we knew real estate agents were struggling to adopt the same sophisticated digital marketing programs that their larger competitors were using due to lack of resources, data, and digital marketing expertise. So, we set out to simplify the process.

Today, our CMP is listed as one of Facebook’s Top Provider Initiative for Real Estate solutions and Evocalize technology is used by nearly 50 percent of all Real Estate solutions included in Facebook’s Top Provider Initiative.

Can you explain what it means to be a CMP? What does it mean to be able to pursue collaborative marketing at scale?

Our CMP enables brokerages to easily empower their agents with effective marketing, at scale, that both adheres to brand requirements and that drives results. 

In digital channels such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram, executing sophisticated marketing programs with partners at scale is messy. Imagine a real estate broker trying to partner with hundreds or thousands of agents to help them digitally market their new listings, build local market awareness, or help supplement their marketing budget with co-op funds. 

The fact is this type of broker-with-agent collaboration is impossible without technology. This is where our CMP comes in.

Pursuing collaborative marketing at scale means onboarding the right technology to not only distribute digital resources (e.g. best practices, audiences, creative messaging, co-op budgets, compliance) to agents, but to give them a simple way to execute programs on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

What are some of the merits of collaborative marketing, especially as they pertain to the commercial real estate industry?

Benefits for an agent include an increase in leads and higher quality leads from channels where their target clients are spending their time. And, these channels can be more cost effective.

Let’s say a business owner goes to an online marketplace to research office space in San Francisco. The online behavior that the business owner is displaying is a strong intent signal saying they are interested in finding new office space. 

CRE Brokers in San Francisco will want to serve Google, Facebook, or Instagram ads to the business owner to raise their awareness and to generate a lead. Our CMP facilitates these types of collaborative programs (Between the marketplace and the broker)

We find that in a collaborative marketing program like this, the CRE Broker will receive results 400 percent higher than programs that they tried to run on their own. And the Marketplace receives additional reach and website traffic from seller funded programs. It’s a win-win relationship!

What are the most important aspects of marketing and tech to consider when developing a platform like Evocalize? Why?

Our clients want to drive efficiencies across the sales process to sell properties or gain tenants quickly while driving down their costs of doing so. They need to unlock their data and share digital marketing best practices with their partners so common goals can be achieved.

Success for our clients comes from our ability to help them make sense of their data and digital marketing resources, then distill them into single objective templates that their partners can activate without needing Google, Facebook, or Instagram expertise. Once set up, the end agent can be up and running on Facebook and Google in under 5 minutes with a marketing strategy that works.

Here are two things to ask yourself when deploying a CMP:

 1) What data do we have to unlock and how can it provide value to our partners?

 2) What’s the first single objective program (example: Lead generation on Facebook or lead generation with Google Search) that we want to go-to-market with?

Evocalize maintains that for real estate organizations looking to execute advertisements across social media platforms, there are many choices. What does Evocalize offer that helps differentiate between CMP programs?

We go-to-market through our partners and each program that our partner brings to market is unique to their organization. For example, a program from a Marketplace may feature high intent audiences created from their onsite search functionality, and a program from a multi-location brand may feature creative and messaging that meet brand and legal requirements.

Setting our clients up for success so they can go-to-market is what sets us apart from our competition. For our clients to be successful, they need a flexible infrastructure on which to create programs. Our CMP has predefined best-practice based templates that our clients can deploy, but our clients also have the ability to create programs that are truly unique to their organization too. 

How does Evocalize Work?

Onboarding and activation – First, we help our clients onboard all of their data, audiences, best practices, messaging, creative, custom business rules, compliance needs, and co-op budgets into our CMP.

Convert best practices into actionable programs – Then, we distill this information into Blueprints. Blueprints are single objective data-defined assembly lines of best practices. They contain all of the complexity needed to run a high performing program on Google or Facebook.

Streamlined customization and approvals workflow for the end user – After the Blueprint we provide the end user with an interface that has all of the complexity removed so they can simply click a few buttons to execute sophisticated digital marketing programs without needing to know all of the nitty gritty details of how to do so. 

Our clients use our CMP to create galleries of blueprints that are unique to their organization and help their users simply and efficiently generate demand online.

Evocalize recently became a partner in Facebook’s Top Provider Initiative for Real Estate. Can you talk a little bit about this Initiative, and how it can serve to facilitate Evocalize’s growth?

TPI is Facebook’s short list of best-in-class full funnel solutions that agents, brokers, and teams can use to grow their businesses. Their goal is to give the industry a way to cut through the noise created by solutions that don’t offer full-funnel solutions or follow best practices.

When we learned that almost 50 percent of the solutions selected to be a part of Facebook’s Top Provider Initiative for Real Estate (TPI) use our technology to power their solutions, we were beyond excited. It’s a testament to our CMP’s ability to unlock our clients’ data, so they can bring to market truly unique solutions.

As the field of CRE tech becomes more competitive, what is Evocalize doing to remain competitive?

We’re focused on providing solutions that drive results and fill our customers’ needs. This means:

  1. Continuing to build out our functionality, such as adding new channels like Amazon, LinkedIn, and Google Search. 
  2. Providing outstanding support to our customers so they maximize their value from our CMP
  3. Using customer feedback to make our platform even easier to use and applicable to more use cases.

Our team remains focused on our mission to democratize sophisticated digital marketing by enabling our clients to give their partners a digital marketing “easy button” to activate best practices.