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Sonos to Cut Workforce and Real Estate Footprint, According to Latest SEC Filing

Sonos, San Franciso, Seattle, Securities and Exchange Commission

By Vladimir Bosanac

Sonos, Inc., a leading audio technology company, recently announced a strategic move to optimize its operations and drive future growth. On June 14, 2023, the company revealed plans to implement a reduction in force, affecting approximately 7 percent of its employees. In addition, Sonos is committed to further streamlining its real estate footprint and re-evaluating certain program expenditures, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing from this week. 

The company did not disclose where these reductions will be made, but it is likely that all nine of its locations will be impacted. In the United States, the company operates corporate offices in Boston, San Francisco, and Seattle. 

The company aims to rightsize its cost base while still prioritizing investments in its product roadmap. These decisions are contingent upon compliance with local labor laws and consultation requirements in specific countries. This strategic approach ensures that Sonos remains well-positioned to capitalize on future market opportunities and deliver innovative audio solutions to its customers, the company stated.

As part of this restructuring initiative, Sonos anticipates incurring restructuring and related charges ranging from approximately $11 to $14 million. Within this estimated amount, employee severance and benefits costs are expected to account for $9 to $11 million. The majority of these charges are anticipated to be incurred during the third quarter of fiscal 2023.

It’s important to note that these estimates are subject to various assumptions, including compliance with local labor regulations in different jurisdictions, the company explained in the filing. The actual charges and expenditures incurred by the company may vary from the initial estimates.

Sonos’ decision to implement a reduction in force and optimize its operations reflects the broader cost management across a number of industries over the last year. By aligning its cost base with market demands, the company hopes to enhance its operational efficiency and financial stability while continuing to invest in its product roadmap, it stated.

The audio technology industry is highly dynamic, and it is filled with competitive products from a slew of companies that want to be present in this area. In its latest quarterly report in March of 2023, the company found its revenue to be nearly 24 percent lower than the revenue in the same quarter a year before. Revenue compared to the fourth quarter figure was down by more than half. The company also reported a $30 million net income loss, compared to a $75 million net come profit in the last quarter of 2022.