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Seattle Mayor Launches Advisory Group To Study Industrial Lands And Future Growth

Port of Seattle, Elliott Bay,

SEATTLE (August 17, 2016) – Mayor Ed Murray today announced the creation of an Industrial Lands Advisory Panel tasked with providing recommendations to ensure that the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan balances growth with the needs of Seattle’s manufacturing and maritime industries. The Seattle 2035 plan, currently before the City Council, outlines a framework for equitable development and future land use in Seattle. The Mayor will make his recommendations to City Council in early 2017.

“Seattle’s unique geography has made this a beautiful place to live, and has contributed to the development a broad range of industries,” said Mayor Murray. “In the next 20 years, as we plan for an additional 120,000 people, 70,000 more housing units and 115,000 more jobs, we must balance our need to make use of available land with maintaining our critical maritime and manufacturing base.  We are committed to supporting the diversity and family-wage jobs industry brings to our economy, while creating a dense, livable, and sustainable city.”

Through this conversation, the panel will recommend a new industrial lands framework that:

  • Supports our maritime and industrial communities;
  • Acknowledges the varying development pressures on current industrial lands;
  • Recognizes the shifting nature of industrial business activity and its labor market; and
  • Balances the livability needs of residents with industrial requirements.

“Growing industrial and middle-class jobs is a key priority for the Port. We commend the Mayor for having this important discussion and look forward to working together on this critical topic,” said Port of Seattle Commission President John Creighton.

Members of the committee include representation from the Port of Seattle, developers, industry, labor and the community.

The group will work collaboratively with city departments to create a scope of work for an economic analysis this fall; the resulting report will inform the panel’s recommendations to the Mayor.  The group expects to open a competitive bidding process for this economic analysis in early September.