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Seattle Design Review Board Approves 129-Unit Belltown Project

Archetype Belltown LLC, Herzog & de Meuron, Seattle, Archetype Belltown, 2407 1st Ave, Burrard Properties
Courtesy of Herzog & de Meuron

By Scott Anderson

Last week Seattle’s Downtown Design Review Board held a meeting to discuss and vote on the approval of the new 2407 1st Ave. project being proposed by Archetype Belltown LLC, affiliated with Burrard Properties, and design consultants Herzog & de Meuron.

The meeting last week for this project was a recommendation meeting-and the second part in the design review process. The main purpose was to evaluate how the project has responded to the Board’s prior recommendations. This meeting was the second recommendation meeting for this project.

During a presentation by Lukasz Szlachcic of Herzog & de Meuron, design consultants speaking on behalf of owners Archetype Belltown, the Board heard of the design plans for the project. Those plans include a 95-foot high, 10 story, mixed-use building which would include approximately 129 rental apartments, as well as approximately 7,500 square feet of commercial retail space. There are also plans for a rooftop restaurant at around 5,000 to 10,000 square feet.

According to Szlachcic’s presentation, the updated plans for the laneway at the project included a switch in the location’s loading berth and a commercial unit for the site. This was done in order for SU-30 trucks to be able to successfully maneuver into the appropriate places at the loading berth. This update was done in accordance with feedback received from the Board at the previous recommendation meeting.

Due to the update, the number of service facades in the alley were decreased. The new design widened the publicly accessible space and further developed the alley façade by decreasing the service frontage. According to Szlachcic, this is being done to help create a more open and inviting presence to the Laneway on the alley, which should help promote pedestrian interaction with the building.

In addition to complying with the Board’s request for changes to the laneway from the first meeting, the design team had their own list of departures from the originally presented plans for approval.

First, the design team asked for an amendment to coverage of the proposed building rooftop. The rooftop would be home to a publicly accessible restaurant, and the request was for 44.7 percent coverage of the rooftop area for this future eating establishment, up from the original 37.5 percent from the original proposed design.

The design team also put in a new departure request to decrease the overhead weather protection canopy at the pedestrian level from 8 feet to 6 feet. This is a compatible design feature which, according to Szlachcic, would show respect to the neighboring historical Hull and Glaser buildings.

Also, the design team asked for a reduction in the building’s driveway width from 20 feet to 12 feet. According to Szlachcic, this would increase commercial and public programs while reducing service facades on the alley.

And finally, the design team asked the board for a reduction in the driveway aisle width from 20 feet to 10 feet. This is in an effort to increase commercial programs on the alley level, as there is not an abundance of parking stalls available via the aisle entrance.

After short deliberations, with a vote of 4 – 0 the Board unanimously approved all changes and requests made by the design team for the project at 2407 1st Ave. The next steps after tonight’s approval Include a written decision on the proposed development by the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections.