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Seabrook Wins Approval from Gray’s Harbor County for Two New Villages, 1,300 Homes

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Seabrook, Washington: A 700 Acre Oceanfront Town Gets Approval for Expansion of Two New Villages That Include 1,300 +homes, a World Class Spa and Wellness Center, and Luxury Hotel on the Scenic Washington Coast.

PACIFIC BEACH, WA, October 2, 2023 — The vibrant beach town of Seabrook has announced the approval of two new retail villages, 1,300+ additional homes, a world class spa and wellness center, luxury hotel, and more than 10 hamlets across 700 acres – a new milestone highlighting their continued plans for growth along the Washington Coast.

After more than three years of planning, the approval by Gray’s Harbor County, Washington State, and Federal environmental agencies mark a crucial step forward as Seabrook embarks on a momentous trajectory of growth and expansion. When completed, the town’s footprint will encompass more than 700 acres of coastal forest, hiking and biking trails, town amenities, an 80-acre regenerative farm, and 7 miles of wide-open beach. The expansion represents more than $1.5 Billion in real estate value and will complete Seabrook’s vision of providing an attractive and desirable setting for those looking for the ultimate in walkability and a connection to the outdoors.

“We are thrilled about our future and what it will mean for our state. Seabrook is on its way to becoming the most desirable beach town in the Northwest, and a base camp for the Olympic National Park,” said Seabrook Founder and CEO, Casey Roloff. “Once completed Seabrook will be about the same size as Carmel, CA and a true 15-minute city capturing everything you need within a roughly 15-minute walk or cycle from your home – from health care and education to grocery stores and green spaces.”

The newest phase Pacific Grove Village will offer commanding views of the Pacific Ocean and include 700 homes, more than half located oceanfront or boasting panoramic ocean views. The village will also include a luxury hotel, world class spa and wellness center, private ocean club, several signature restaurants, a kids club, and a curated shopping district. The Makers Village will provide an additional 600+ residences centered around the Makers Retail District which will highlight hand crafted local merchandise and vendors, local artists, and carefully selected dining options.

The town of Seabrook and the two new villages include nearly 400 acres of coastal forest trails and

connect to 600 acres of public land that will include increased hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian trails through an agreement with Department of Natural Resources.

Over the last 19 years Seabrook has been a pioneer in innovative and environmentally conscious,

purpose-built town design. Roloff and his team were on the ground floor of designing, developing, and executing walkable and mixed-use spaces on a pedestrian scale. Their new-urbanism model allows full time residents, vacationers, and day trippers a setting seamlessly connecting the urban and natural environments.

Nestled along Washington State’s stunning Pacific Coastline, the town is strategically positioned within convenient driving distances from Seattle, WA (ranked third in US for income) and Portland, OR. Seabrook is an ideal launch pad to explore the Olympic National Park, Lake Quinault, the Hoh rainforest, and several other nationally recognized destinations.

“This expansion provides an exciting look into what lies ahead for Seabrook homeowners and

vacationers”, said Seabrook COO Jeff Gunderson. “The continued growth and development of the town is an investment that aligns with our commitment to sustainability, creating a one-of-a-kind Pacific Northwest beach town, and meeting the desire for more opportunities to live, work, and vacation.”

Over the next 3-5 years Seabrook plans to complete the existing town center, build an urgent medical clinic and emergency helipad, support the building of a new school and community center one mile north of the town, and develop an 80-acre regenerative farm complete with horse barn, equestrian trails, green houses, and hydroponics to support growing fruits and vegetables for the town’s residents and local restaurants.

The land Seabrook currently encompasses has a deep history, from natural resources used by

indigenous people to repeated clear-cutting of the forests prior to Seabrook’s establishment. Following the logging of these lands, what was left was an unhealthy and unmanaged forest landscape that took many years to correct and regenerate. Most of the timber that has been harvested from the land has been reclaimed and reused on site for cedar shingle siding, fencing, and landscaping across the town.

Through careful planning involving teams of experts, Seabrook is committed to protecting and revitalizing these inherited forests and has implemented a long-term forest stewardship plan with the goal of returning the forests to their original health and vitality.

With Seabrook’s next phase of development, the company looks forward to providing hundreds of

additional new Gray’s Harbor County jobs and supporting the surrounding communities through the work of the Seabrook Community Foundation.

The vibrant town of Seabrook is a sustainable haven for full time residents, vacationers, and day trippers – a walkable urban oasis seamlessly woven into nature on the Washington Coast. Home to miles of wide- open beach, 18 parks, an event space, boutique spa, fitness center, hundreds of acres of mountain bike and hiking trails, central amphitheater, sports and pickle ball courts, indoor and outdoor pools, award winning restaurants, and plenty of curated shopping options – it’s an ideal hometown or getaway destination for all ages. The town is made up of more than 600 homes, including 300 vacation homes of all sizes and styles available to rent.