Remote Construction Progress Monitoring Sees Rapid Adoption During Travel Ban

SAN FRANCISCO–With the advent of a global travel ban, a new problem has emerged for companies like Kajima, Proycon, Deloitte/Nexco, Taisei Corporation and Obayashi. They can’t send team members to put eyes on construction and capital expenditures. Instead they are turning to Reconstruct Inc for remote progress monitoring. This is critical to business operations because construction contracts are paid based on verification of installed work. Without the ability to monitor progress, projects grind to a halt.

Yoshihiko Fukuchi, Autodesk APAC Business Development Executive, has experienced the benefits of using Reconstruct’s remote progress monitoring on many projects in Japan and the US. “We are ahead of the curve on how to track the billions of dollars of construction spend from afar. Reconstruct has created 50% less travel for the managers and execs and 30% less schedule coordination time for the jobsite teams. Reconstruct helps with that effort on how to schedule, monitor, and track the progress and quality of many of our partners’ construction projects.”

In the past week, these companies have turned to Reconstruct to bring the jobsite to their desk. Because Reconstruct uses a video walk with an inexpensive camera, set-up time is measured in hours, when progress monitoring is critical to keep jobs moving.

Reconstruct brings these jobsites online using a blend of computer vision and cloud technology. By walking the project with an off-the-shelf camera and uploading it to the cloud, Reconstruct makes a 3D model of the project that can be navigated like Google StreetView. To help users navigate, Reconstruct models can be combined with construction drawings, and 3D design models from programs like Revit, if they’re available.

By combining with designs, Reconstruct helps owners and project teams answer two critical questions for every project: 1) Is it done on time? 2) Is it done right? This is a marked departure from the way projects are currently monitored, with webcams on adjacent buildings. These images only show if crews showed up to the site, not the amount of work accomplished. “Reconstruct has come up with a product that gives you a ring-side seat to the construction site, even if you are miles away, letting you see progress and manage potential risk to the project” said Robert Trapp of Kajima.