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Real Estate Sales Intelligence Platform Capital Brain Crosses $2 billion in Deals

CapitalBrain is a new intelligence platform that helps real estate brokers and fundraisers build real-time prospect lists

Bay-area based Commercial Real Estate platform Monetarex is very excited to announce the launch of Capital Brain, a product which is specially designed to help commercial real estate brokers and equity investors research and identify key prospects that are more likely to partner on listings and investment opportunities.

Integrating data mining, machine learning, and semantic indexing, Capital Brain is the first firm in the commercial real estate space that attempts to build an intelligence platform that would create a complete relationship map of the industry and recommend its members the most probable buyers or equity investors. Traditional real estate marketing involves marketing through existing network and posting property listings or investment memo on marketplaces. Marketplaces are a passive form of marketing.

Capital Brain already collects and compiles information on approximately 50,000 commercial real estate state firms involved in middle-market real estate deals; these middle-market deals make up commercial real estate’s most active buyers and equity investors. The result? A databank that allows Monetarex members to search, highlight, and build highly targeted real-time prospect lists of private real estate firms, all based on recent investment activity, key personnel, and real estate type. Capital Brain plans to expand its data coverage to energy and infrastructure industries early next year.

Capital Brain Benefits to commercial real estate professionals

  • Capability of building real-time prospect lists of the most suitable buyers or equity investors
  • Ability to automate marketing campaigns and tools to export data into CRMs
  • Access to the real-time intelligence on your current partners, clients, and competitors highly targeted firm lists that are backed by the firm’s latest market activity
  • Leverage data and analytics to help generate higher revenue through better leads.

About Capital Brain
Capital Brain only collects data from firms that are of interest to its users— no more unnecessary points or convoluted lists. But don’t just listen to us; Monetarex has worked with over 1,200 firms in the past year to market over $2 billion in middle-market real estate deals. Join today and find out for yourself why so many other private-equity firms, developers, and brokers have chosen Monetarex, at http://www.capitalbrain.co/