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Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Paradyme Funding Increases Investors’ Portfolios Value and Provides Accessibility to Wide Audience

TEMECULA, Calif., (April 23, 2019) — Ryan and Kara Garland, the creators of Paradyme Funding, a new crowdfunding real estate and finance platform helps investors make a momentous shift into smart, authentic investments.

For investors looking for opportunities beyond typical high-priced, low-return transactions, Paradyme Funding finds ways to not only increase the value of portfolios, but build long-term investments for those also interested in longevity and security. 

“Until recently, real estate investing had only been utilized by a small, select percentage of the investor population,” Ryan Garland says. “Our mission is to develop a crowdfunding platform to greatly increase the value of investors’ portfolios and to create investments accessible to everyone.”

One such investment is in multi-family developments, which are widely considered recession-proof. After the Great Recession of 2007-2009, families downsized their living space. Now, 10 years later, the trend has not changed significantly and the appeal of resort-style living spans from millennials to retiring baby boomers. Instead of buying a large house, people are opting to stay in multi-family developments that have additional amenities like pools and gyms, easy access to trendy locales, safety features, and, perhaps most importantly, convenience.

Paradyme Funding puts investors in front of this booming opportunity by working directly with cities to help fill the needs of particular communities. The team works with contractors, developers and decision-makers with the goal to bring to fruition the vision of each city and its residents.

The Paradyme Funding team includes valuable support from a board of advisors, a director of development, wealth advisors, and investor relations. The firm’s development team will continue to move alongside representatives of each city and gather insights to build beneficial partnerships. With completion timelines cut in half due to these relationships, Paradyme essentially guarantees its success and security for communities, clients, and investors.

For 2019, Paradyme plans to double their revenue and have 1,100-plus units.  Kara Garland says, “We are genuine, innovative, adaptable and strategic. And, we’re growing at a fast rate. We have big goals that are tangible.”

About Paradyme Funding

Specializing in both crowdfunded and large scale investments, Paradyme Funding offers investors a full, comprehensive team approach to real estate investing. With full transparency, and the personal care of a premium concierge service, Paradyme Funding offers truly unique insights and opportunities from the collaboration of its diverse team of experts. Visit Paradyme Funding’s website at https://paradymefunding.com/.