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Project Frog Unveils New Technology, Gears up for Aggressive Growth and Expansion

New Cloud-Based Design Automation Platform Driving Push into New Regions and Sectors

SAN FRANCISCO, April 11, 2017–Project Frog, a leading component building company, has unveiled a new platform for the design and delivery of its award-winning buildings. The company, known as an innovator in the design and delivery of prefabricated buildings, made the announcement after closing a strategic injection of growth capital intended to accelerate regional expansion of the Frog V Building Platform and intensify the development of Project Frog’s cloud-based configuration engine hosted at www.myprojectfrog.com.

“This launch comes at the right time for the company, as we respond to nationwide demand for Frog buildings,” said Drew Buechley, president and CEO of Project Frog. “By leveraging cloud-based design automation and scalable manufacturing capacity, we are well equipped to expand our hold within California’s multi-billion-dollar school construction market, and extend our reach into other commercial sectors by offering office, retail and healthcare buildings. We are adding staff to service an influx of new projects and hiring additional product and software developers to add new features and functionality to our products.”


At myprojectfrog.com, now in beta, architects, builders and developers can browse through pre-configured building typologies, or set site-specific parameters for the design of custom Type V commercial buildings. An intuitive interface allows users to plan their program, size rooms, and even place the exact location of doors and windows, all while receiving real-time structural validation for each unique site requirement. A building can be configured at myprojectfrog.com in a matter of minutes and, once submitted to Project Frog, users can view their model in a browser or mobile device using Autodesk® A360. Pre-configured building models can be saved to a user profile, providing access to plans, models, shop drawings and architectural specifications suitable to permitting and contracting to meet a wide range of building programs.

Prefabricated construction has emerged as a common alternative to conventional construction (often referred to as “stick-built”) across virtually all sectors of the economy. Many in the building industry, citing the ongoing shortage of qualified construction labor in the US, expect accelerated adoption of off-site construction methods in the coming months. Since Project Frog’s inception in 2006, the company has proven prefab project delivery can attain the flexibility and aesthetic quality associated with traditional site-built methods. In so doing, the company has grown into a leading provider of prefabricated component building kits for California’s multi-billion-dollar K-12 school construction market. While many architects and builders are familiar with prefab project delivery, the configurability of the Frog V product line and the use of a cloud platform to automate structural and architectural design frees Project Frog’s core and shell building kits from the common constraints of working with 3-dimensional or “modular” systems.

“In construction, everyone knows speed is crucial. We know that to be successful, we have to deliver quality product, but we also have to find ways to equip our partners to drive more aggressive schedules with fewer sacrifices,” said Buechley. “We’re giving our partners in architecture, construction and real estate the tools to capture an unprecedented combination of simplicity, flexibility and speed to market that we believe will bring prefab squarely into the mainstream in the delivery of commercial buildings.”

Myprojectfrog.com is currently in beta testing with customers. For information, please contact David Smolker at dsmolker@projectfrog.com.

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Project Frog delivers technologically advanced component buildings that assemble easily onsite, giving architects and builders a fast and cost-effective way to create beautiful, energy-efficient buildings. We are revolutionizing the way buildings are created by applying technology to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional construction. Project Frog buildings are designed for manufacturing, flat-packed for just-in-time delivery, and assemble easily onsite, resulting in measurably greener and significantly smarter buildings that inspire better performance from the people who occupy them. Simply put, we make buildings people love.