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Project Frog Unveils Kitconnect, an Integrated Web Application for Industrialized Construction

SAN FRANCISCO–Project Frog, a leader in developing scalable Industrialized Construction (IC) solutions with an integrated building system product and technology approach, today announced KitConnect, an end-to-end data flow solution built on Autodesk’s® Forge™ platform. KitConnect is an integrated Building Information Modeling (BIM) to Web solution that manages data flow for flexible, configurable Kit-of-Parts content from building design, to manufacture and construction. Combining a Kit-of-Parts platform with a technology platform, KitConnect drives scalability, separating IC from simple prefabrication.

“The immediate availability of KitConnect signals a significant shift in the Industrialized Construction market,” said Drew Buechley, Project Frog CEO. “Because KitConnect delivers a way for IC stakeholders to offer mass customization at scale, it now sets us apart from the current prefabrication approach. By applying technology to increase speed, while scaling the design, manufacture and construction processes, we’re delivering an enormous upside to the industry – translating into unlimited design options, shorter build schedules and improved quality.”

End-to-End Data Flow

The Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry faces a wide range of variables – from owner requirements for specific aesthetics, programs and designs, to site conditions and a range of designers, consultants, builders and trades all actively involved. Additionally, there is typically a disconnect between a product designer’s knowledge and content, and rules management, with documentation spread across multiple projects. At the building level, it’s impossible to scale with disconnected environments and siloed stakeholders, particularly when projects move quickly, and change is the norm.

The core pillars to designing a Kit-of-Parts that can scale is to design for configuration, meaning millions, or even billions, of design options are available to address the broadest market possible. Designing for automation ensures compatibility with downstream production automation in design, engineering, documentation and manufacturing. Finally, design for usability removes barriers to entry for designers, manufacturers and builders.


Using a “data at the center” approach, Project Frog created KitConnect, an integrated Revit to web application built on Forge that manages a configurable, modular Kit-of-Parts content. The solution includes a Revit plug-in and a web application, centralizing data in the cloud and enabling easy project scaling. With enterprise and project libraries, integrated content and rules libraries, and automated version control, DfMA rules are maintained automatically across all project stakeholders.

As a plug-in to Revit, KitConnect enables a Kit-of-Parts design with components stored in a digital cloud library, as well as maintaining building design constraints across all stakeholders, from architects and engineers to consultants. As a web-based application, KitConnect creates data centric workflows, linking design, manufacture and construction workflows in the cloud. Users can read and write data and create product rules in the web application, as well as take advantage of bi-directional data edits between the web and Revit.

At the building stage, KitConnect ensures constraints and design/DfMA rules are followed by the design team in order to meet DfMA intent. With a Kit-of-Parts configurator inside Revit, the product ensures design/DfMA rules persist into Revit projects, user permissions are mapped to Autodesk’s BIM 360™ and models are audited to accurately reflect DfMA intent. Overall, KitConnect provides detailed data insights, even in the early design stages, speeding BIM to Build of Materials (BOM) functionality.

KitConnect is a subscription-based solution and is available immediately from Project Frog.

About Project Frog

Project Frog, a San Francisco, California-based product and technology company founded in 2006, delivers the platform, software and integration tools needed for the Industrialized Construction (IC) industry to drive mass customization at scale. By focusing on the integration of product and technology methodology, Project Frog automates design and configuration, manufacturing interfaces, and other redundant processes in the AEC world. Over the last 13 years, Project Frog’s deep industry experience and team of architects, engineers, supply chain managers and field experts have transformed the chaos of design and construction to a straightforward science, leading to the creation of its Industrialized Construction-as-a-Service (ICaaSSM) platform.