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Port Commissioners in Seattle Approve Terminal 91 Uplands Development Plan

Port of Seattle, Magnolia Bridge, Ballard Interbay Manufacturing Industrial Center, Seattle
Oosterdam, Star Princess and fishing vessels at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal-T91

Phase 1 includes $4 million for master planning, environmental review, and permitting

SEATTLE – The Port of Seattle Commission approved $4 million for the Terminal 91 (T-91) Uplands Development Phase 1 in support of the Port’s development of the T-91 area located north of the Magnolia Bridge.

“With this approval, we can move forward with providing our local fishing and maritime clusters with much-needed industrial property,” said Port of Seattle Commissioner Steinbrueck. “We know that the key to expanding family-wage jobs in this region is developing industrial lands such as Terminal 91, an asset that can deliver jobs and growth for decades to come.”

The Port’s Real Estate Development Department is proposing to construct two 50,000 square foot light industrial buildings to support maritime manufacturers and fishing industry suppliers in the Ballard Interbay Manufacturing Industrial Center (BINMIC).

The new light industrial facility development would unfold over the next 10-15 years in two phases. The buildings proposed in Phase I will initially target current T-91 tenants and other maritime customers who have expressed interest in expanding their current operations on the property.

The Phase I design funds will enable the completion of the following work:

  • Development and approval of Major Phased Development Plan covering both proposed T-91 Uplands Development phases
  • Environmental review and community outreach for the Major Phased Development Plan
  • Detailed site survey of entire T-91 Uplands area
  • Preliminary T-91 Uplands area infrastructure design connected to the Major Phased Development Plan
  • Full construction design of Phase I buildings and associated site improvements including necessary T-91 Uplands area stormwater management upgrades to become fully compliant with Port and City of Seattle code requirements.

This brings the total authorization to date to $4,300,000, including $300,000 previously authorized, of an estimated total Phase 1 project cost of $39,000,000. The T-91 Uplands Development project is funded in the 2019-2023 Capital Improvement Plan, which can be found here.

About the Port of Seattle

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