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Podcast: Lisa Novak, Head of HR and Talent @ data.world

The Registry and Transwestern extend their partnership in telling startup stories from across the Bay Area and beyond, as well as their impact on the real estate market. This is the second podcast where we sit with Jack Seymour to talk to one such startup and try to understand the impact of the economic shifts on its business.

Lisa Novak is the Head of HR and Talent at Austin-based data.world, a company focused on making it easy for everyone—not just the “data people”—to get clear, accurate, fast answers to any business question. Their cloud-native data catalog maps your siloed, distributed data to familiar and consistent business concepts, creating a unified body of knowledge anyone can find, understand, and use.

Lisa is tasked with helping the company grow and hire the right people to ensure it is successful today and also well into the future. Her challenges during a global pandemic are not unique, but her ability to help successfully navigate these hurdles is commendable, and the achievements of her efforts are on full display.