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Podcast: Kelley E. Lovshin, BXP Vice President, Seattle Region

Hello and welcome back to the Real Perspectives Podcast! I’m your host, Vladimir Bosanac, where we dive deep into the real estate stories, real estate experiences, and real estate viewpoints from some of the most intriguing figures in the industry. And speaking of intriguing, today’s guest promises to deliver an episode you won’t want to miss.

I’m thrilled to introduce Kelley Lovshin from BXP. For those not in the know, Kelley is the lead for the Pacific Northwest market for BXP, and she resides and works in Seattle.

The journey to success is never linear, and today, we’ll uncover Kelley’s path back to Seattle, and of course, those unique perspectives that have propelled her forward in the often challenging terrain of commercial real estate investment and ownership.

But beyond just her professional journey, we’ll delve into Kelley’s thoughts on current industry trends, her forecasts for the future, and those invaluable tidbits of advice for our listeners who might be on the brink of their next big venture.

So, whether you’re a seasoned expert, a budding real estate entrepreneur, or simply curious about what makes the movers and shakers of our time tick, this episode promises insights, revelations, and perhaps that spark you’ve been waiting for.

Welcome to the podcast, Kelley Lovshin.