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PlanGrid Partner Ecosystem Accelerates with Integrations from Leading Construction Software Applications

New integrations give construction teams greater access to jobsite imagery, project management data and critical documentation to increase productivity throughout the project lifecycle.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 11, 2018 – PlanGrid, the leader in construction productivity software, today announced its partner ecosystem has gained significant momentum, with more than 10 best-of-breed partners integrating with PlanGrid technology in the last six months alone. In the nearly two years since PlanGrid launched a public API, partner companies have built and deployed over 20 integrations with the company’s software. Partners including Holobuilder, Sensera, Stamplay, and Uplift Data Partners are integrating their technology directly into PlanGrid, resulting in new solutions for the unique challenges construction teams face.

Construction teams need easy and real-time access to critical data in plans, progress photos and reports. Frequently, this information is scattered across a myriad of devices and applications, and the manual steps required to centralize it become time-consuming and fraught with data loss. When data isn’t integrated and information is out-of-date, the need for rework increases, margins decrease and schedules fall behind.

PlanGrid’s partner ecosystem integrates partner applications directly with PlanGrid’s platform, creating a centralized project record. Along with real-time access to digitized jobsite information, construction companies can take full advantage of the latest technology – such as drone orthomosaics, 360-degree photos, time lapse videos, and other rich data – in every facet of building and maintenance. Partners can also leverage PlanGrid’s real-time intelligence to enhance collaboration by syncing information gathered in the field to their own platforms.

For example, a PlanGrid customer can use Uplift Data Partner’s network of vetted and experienced pilots to take drone images of their jobsite. These images can be uploaded and processed within SiteAware before being submitted to PlanGrid as project reference documents. Images can also be attached to RFIs created by field workers, and then pushed out to RedTeam’s project management platform for detailed routing and tracking.

“Construction owners and executives are implementing technology to stay competitive, create transparency and ensure profitability,” said Theresa Jutagir, Chief Technology Officer of PeerAssist. “Using Field Work Order with PlanGrid, general contractors and subcontractors can efficiently communicate and collaborate, all from one central location. Now, subcontractors can easily create time and material tags directly from issues captured in PlanGrid, be confident they will get paid and be profitable for the hard work they do.”

“As the construction industry evolves, teams with quick and easy access to data they need at the moment they need it will have the biggest competitive advantage,” said James Cook, head of strategic alliances and partnerships at PlanGrid. “Our partner ecosystem is removing data silos by integrating the best-of-breed solutions in the industry to further drive productivity. The recent acceleration of partners joining our ecosystem demonstrates that while we can accomplish a lot independently, together with our partners, we’re a force multiplier.”

To learn more about joining PlanGrid’s partner ecosystem, please visit our integration page.

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