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PCS Structural Solutions Opens New Portland Office

PCS Structural Solutions is proud to announce the opening of its third office in Portland, Oregon. With more than 50 years of experience as a collaboration-focused, single-discipline structural engineering firm based in the Northwest, PCS is excited to better serve its clients in Oregon. The state of Oregon has been increasing its priority of seismic resiliency in education and healthcare facilities—two valued, core components of PCS Structural Solutions’ portfolio.

“We believe strongly in pursuing creative partners that we can collaborate with using our expertise and iterative design approach to develop exceptional buildings,” PCS’s new Portland office manager, Luke Heath, states. “We value our design and construction partners, our building owners, and our employees. We are always seeking to complement our superior services with like-minded creative partners. Adding a third location will help us magnify our efforts.” To support that effort, several PCS key staff leaders are relocating their families to Portland in order to solidify their vision of creative partnering processes in the new office.

Founded in 1965, PCS Structural Solutions embraces the complexity of modern building systems and delivery methods—creating order with focused expertise, unique deliverables, teamwork, innovation, analysis, and hard work. With 70 staff members across three offices in the Northwest, PCS powerfully impacts communities by collaborating with like-minded design and construction firms on major healthcare campuses, university campuses, school districts,and large commercial building structures across the region.

PCS’s unique design philosophy eschews the one-size-fits-all approach, instead promotingearly involvement in the design process to generate a variety of structural concepts. This ensures selection of the most cost effective, best-fit structural solution for each project. The firm also utilizes a corporate structure unlike any other in the Northwest—a single-discipline structural engineering firm with one passion, process, and culture. PCS intermixes staff between Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland, creating uniform horsepower for all of their clients.

The PCS Portland office opened its doors on December 1, 2017, and will continue to share the firm’s singular passion to build a better world.

PCS Structural Solutions’ new Portland office is located at the following address:
One Main Place
101 SW Main Street, Suite 280
Portland, OR 97204

Please visit www.pcs-structural.com for more information