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Othello Multi-Family Modular Development in Seattle Gets Phase I Building Permit

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SEATTLE, WA – Cubix Othello, Seattle’s latest modular mixed-use residential development, has received a Phase I building permit from the City of Seattle. This is the second modular, high density transitoriented development for Parkstone Properties / NexGen Housing Partners and marks a major milestone and accomplishment for the owner and the architect, Jackson | Main Architecture. At six stories high, this is the tallest modular structure the team has built.

Cubix Othello is an 85-unit multifamily development featuring 56 small efficiency dwelling units and 29 one-bedroom units. It was designed with five floors of modular type VA construction, to be built in a factory in Vancouver BC, and two floors of type 1A construction, to be constructed on site. Overlooking Othello Park, the development offers access to the Othello rapid transit station and features a community roof deck with stunning views of the Cascades.

As the growing population continues to squeeze the housing market in Seattle, many residents strive to live within the urban center, where moderate-to-affordable housing is scarce. The cost and availability of housing, as well as the speed to market became design concepts for Cubix Othello, which harnesses the time and cost savings represented by a refined and proven modular design process.

“Jackson Main Architecture is very excited to help bring another modular project to the market. We see this as a big part of future affordable housing solutions.” said Jackson | Main principal Robin Murphy.

Parkstone Properties and Jackson | Main are the first to create projects of this type and scale that successfully pass the City of Seattle’s building permit and design review processes. The coordination of offsite and onsite construction are being carefully orchestrated by the design team and owner with the City of Seattle and the Washington Department of Labor and Industries Prefabricated Buildings Division.

“Othello is poised to change the conversation about affordable housing as it does not look like a typical modular building. Othello went through the rigorous Seattle design review process. The building also has affordable housing next to market rate housing, and a rapid construction schedule that when completed will truly change the game,” stated John Morefield, the project architect.

Under the Cubix brand, NexGen Housing Partners, Parkstone, and Jackson | Main also successfully completed Cubix North Park on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle. Cubix North Park is a modular mixeduse residential property with 101 micro-living units, two retail spaces and seven live/work units. North Park is the first of its kind to offer affordable and market-rate small efficiency dwelling units, while utilizing modular construction.

Jackson | Main Architecture is an architectural design firm centered on the furthering the objectives and missions of clients. Founded in 2015 when two established Seattle firms joined together, Jackson | Main focuses on architecture, master planning, and interior design for a range of clients.

  • Developer/Owner: Parkstone Properties / NexGen Housing Partners, https://www.parkstonenw.com/
  • Architecture: Jackson | Main Architecture www.jacksonmain.com
  • Interior Design: Jackson | Main Architecture www.jacksonmain.com
  • Civil Engineering: Jay Decker Civil Engineers http://deckerce.com/team.html \
  • Structural Engineering: ABKJ http://www.abkj.com/
  • Landscape Architect: Richard Ward
  • Modular Construction: Metric Modular https://metricmodular.com/
  • General Contractor: NexGen Housing Partners http://nexgenhp.com/