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Opus 2 International Appoints Liza Pestillos-Ocat as Head of US Operations

SAN FRANCISCO—January 6, 2016—The US division of Opus 2 International (opus2.com), a worldwide litigation services and software development company, today announced the appointment of Liza Pestillos-Ocat as Head of US operations. Pestillos-Ocat brings nearly 14 years of experience serving the legal tech industry. She was among the first employees of LiveNote, Inc., a company founded by Opus 2’s CEO and founder, Graham Smith-Bernal, and later sold to Thomson Reuters. Following nearly ten years overseeing operations and client services for the Litigation Solutions, E-Discovery and Legal Managed Services businesses within Thomson Reuters, Liza is rejoining Smith-Bernal at Opus 2.

Pestillos-Ocat works from Opus 2’s San Francisco office and is responsible for providing oversight of the company’s US operations, ensuring that the US business has the appropriate resources and processes to deliver on its growth strategies, with particular emphasis on operational efficiencies and the delivery of excellent product support and client services. 

“Following a number of major recent client wins, and in anticipation of unprecedented growth for our US business, ensuring continuity across every department is increasingly vital to our mission of delivering unparalleled service quality,” said Graham Smith-Bernal, Opus 2 founder. “We value seasoned leaders who exemplify the company vision and Liza’s history with LiveNote and her combined expertise in finance, operations and client services positions her perfectly to drive business growth while maintaining excellence in service quality and customer satisfaction.”

Pestillos-Ocat joins Opus 2 from the Legal Managed Services division at Thomson Reuters, where she served as Senior Director of Software Operations. She was responsible for all back office operations, product launches and the delivery of consulting and professional services for its e-discovery solutions. Before directing software operations, Liza served as the Senior Director of the Litigation Solutions business unit and provided oversight on support and client services for its litigation software products.

“I believe in Graham’s vision and I am honored to take part in making that vision a reality. For the past decade, I’ve had great success implementing fit-for-purpose managed services and I’m excited to continue that work with Opus 2,” said Liza Pestillos-Ocat “Opus 2 is committed to reimagining the way we provide services tailored to meet the evolving needs of our litigation clients. Combine that with our innovative products and we have a solution that will continue to be a game-changer in the industry.”

About Opus 2 Magnum
Opus 2 Magnum is a private, cloud-based workspace from which litigators, co-counsel and experts share transcripts, key documents, exhibits, video and research and collaborate on work product for deposition and trial preparation. The collaborative workspaces unite team members so they may jointly, or individually, dissect the salient aspects of testimony and evidence, develop questioning strategies and organize the material to be presented to the court.  Version 5.0 includes a streamlined interface and significant enhancements to various aspects of its document, exhibit and transcript functionality for US and international users. The new code benefits from Opus 2 Magnum having been field-tested for several years in court rooms and arbitration centers around the world.   To date, clients have used Magnum for all stages of the litigation lifecycle—from deposition preparation, to meet and confer conferences to collaboration around discovery requests and litigation preparation.

About Opus 2 International
Opus 2 International is the only worldwide legal services company that blends sophisticated cloud technology with court reporting excellence to modernize evidence management during high-stakes matters across the globe—including litigation, arbitration hearings, depositions (US) and government inquiries. Last fall, the Opus 2 Magnum™ service won the coveted top honor in the ‘Innovative Solution Provider of the Year’ category for the 5th Annual Distinguished Peer Awards sponsored by the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA). The company is comprised of experts in capturing testimony and uniting it with key litigation content. The collective team of seasoned consultants, case managers, software developers, technicians and independent court reporters are uniquely positioned to protect the integrity of both the record and the evidence and to deliver intuitive tools for their careful analysis.  Opus 2 International is headquartered in London just 200 meters from The Royal Courts of Justice, The Rolls Building, and the International Dispute Resolution Centre, and offers regional offices in San Francisco, New York, Dubai, Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore. Visit opus2.com or call +1 888-960-3117 for more information.