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Online Property Management Service Cozy Now Offers Renters Insurance

Cozy partners with Assurant to offer integrated, affordable insurance that reduces risk, shows real-time proof of coverage for both landlords and renters

Portland, Ore.—August 22, 2017—Cozy, the online property management service that makes renting easier for everyone, is now offering Cozy Renters Insurance.

Landlords who require renters insurance now have a simple way to ensure their renters are covered and always up-to-date. Renters can easily obtain and understand the importance of this essential and affordable coverage in Cozy, without going through the traditionally time-consuming process of finding and applying for a policy.

Cozy Renters Insurance, offered seamlessly by Cozy’s corporate affiliate Cozy Insurance Services, LLC (doing business in California as Cozy Home Insurance Agency), is the newest feature from Cozy that helps landlords and renters streamline the entire rental process, with online listings, rental applications, tenant screening, and payments.

Even if landlords have property insurance, they could be at financial risk if their renters aren’t covered. Cozy Renters Insurance covers renters from the unexpected loss of property, which means their belongings are covered in case of theft or other damage. If a renter accidentally damages the rental or someone else’s property, it also helps cover the cost of repairing damages or replacing belongings, things a landlord’s property insurance won’t cover.

“In our research during the past two years, we’ve seen evidence that less than 10 percent of renters who rent from independent landlords actually carry renters insurance. This is because renters rarely have an easy, integrated way to purchase it, or an easy way to show their landlords that they’re covered for the duration of their lease,” said Gino Zahnd, CEO of Cozy. “That leaves renters and landlords in a financially vulnerable position. Cozy ultimately gives everyone greater peace of mind and real security.”

To build the best experience possible, Cozy partnered with Assurant, a trusted national insurance provider, to offer Cozy Renters Insurance.

“Helping landlords protect their investments, while allowing tenants to safeguard their homes and belongings, has always been a top priority for Assurant and our partnership with Cozy will help expand our services to an important demographic,” says Steven Hein, Assurant senior vice president who oversees the company’s Multi-family Housing business. “With Cozy, tenants who rent from independent landlords will be able to easily obtain and understand the importance of this essential coverage.”

The vast majority of residential leases require renters insurance, However, landlords haven’t been able to reliably verify if renters have a current policy. With Cozy, they can. When renters purchase Cozy Renters Insurance, landlords can verify coverage for the entire term of a lease for complete transparency.

About Cozy
Cozy is simple, online property management service that makes renting easier, more secure and more transparent for landlords, property managers and renters. Simple rent payments, online rental applications, secure tenant screening and renters insurance make Cozy the best way for landlords and renters to interact through the entire rental process.

Available everywhere in the United States, Cozy was founded in March 2012, and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

To learn more about Cozy, please visit www.cozy.co.