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LiquidSpace Partners with Comfy to Offer Integrated Work From Anywhere Management to Enterprises

Combination delivers the future of commercial real estate management to companies and their employees.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 16, 2020 — LiquidSpace and Comfy will integrate their best-in-class workplace management platforms to create a comprehensive solution for “Work From Anywhere”, supporting enterprises seeking to implement flexible working models. The technology partnership is the first of its kind to integrate both managed office spaces and on-demand spaces into a single app, enabling businesses to create a seamless experience for employees to find, book and use office spaces which best suit their needs.

Comfy will integrate the LiquidSpace marketplace for discovering, transacting and managing on-demand space with its workplace intelligence platform and solutions, offering companies the opportunity to manage space utilization and gather insights to understand how employees are using their dynamic workplace environments. 

The LiquidSpace marketplace offers HQ office alternatives in the form of on-demand office space near home, when and where employees need it most. LiquidSpace provides access to real-time office inventory on flexible terms with over 11,000 venue partners across 2500 cities. Comfy’s consumer-grade mobile app and analytics platform offers employees a seamless digital workplace experience, and provides business leaders with the utilization data insights required to effectively manage flexible working models. 

As enterprises look to provide safe and productive work experiences and maximize space ROI, Comfy and LiquidSpace together provide the controls and intelligent insights needed to inform real estate decisions.

“As business leaders continue to redefine the workplace, on-demand office spaces will play an important role in developing distributed, ‘hub and spoke’ working models,” said Erica Eaton, CEO, Comfy. “By integrating LiquidSpace with Comfy we can empower businesses with the right data to support their future of work, and provide employees with a seamless workplace experience whether they’re working from the headquarters, a satellite office or an on-demand site.” 

“In this new world of work a partnership with Comfy works on so many levels. CRE and workplace leaders are being challenged to reimagine workplace strategy. What they need most right now is proven tools that help make employees feel safe and comfortable with their choice of office environments and data insights to help them make the right real estate decisions,” said Mark Gilbreath, LiquidSpace CEO. 

Together, LiquidSpace and Comfy seek to help enterprises future-proof their workplaces by providing tools and insights that are as dynamic as the ever-changing world of workplace. 

About Comfy

Comfy, a Siemens company, is a leading provider of workplace intelligence technology, empowering people and businesses to create smart, healthy and flexible spaces for the future of work. Positioned at the intersection of employee experience and corporate real estate management, Comfy’s consumer-grade mobile app and IoT integration platform provide rich data insights for portfolio right-sizing and optimization. Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, USA, Comfy’s workplace intelligence platform and SaaS solutions are deployed in 59 countries across 83 million square feet of managed office space, with more than 110,000 employee users.

About LiquidSpace

LiquidSpace invented real-time real estate and disrupted the traditional office industry. Its digital marketplace enables professionals, companies and real estate leaders to fluidly discover, transact, and manage workplaces on flexible terms and puts the commercial real estate buyer in control.