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LiquidSpace Launches Network of Flexible Office Spaces for Enterprise Clients

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Leading flexible office providers add professional-grade space to support the new enterprise demands of Work From Anywhere.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 7, 2020 — Large organizations across multiple industries have recently announced they will allow for remote work indefinitely. As many have declared, remote does not always mean work from home, which has resulted in greater need for on-demand and dedicated office options. To meet this new demand, LiquidSpace, the world’s largest flexible office marketplace, has launched LiquidSpace PRO™, a supply platform that exclusively features enterprise-ready workspaces. LiquidSpace PRO™ is a key component of LiquidSpace Enterprise, the first and only Work From Anywhere management platform, which will be rolled out formally in the coming weeks.

By combining robust Work From Anywhere management technology with the largest network of enterprise-grade workspaces, LiquidSpace and its venue partners are giving enterprises the ability to offer true workplace autonomy. Our network includes well known serviced office and coworking providers, such as Serendipity Labs, Premier Workspaces, Office Evolution, WorkSuites, Carr Workplaces, OnePiece and others. 

“The LiquidSpace team went above and beyond as we were looking to expand our client base in the local market. The LiquidSpace PRO™ platform allowed us to attract quality enterprise and corporate clients for our newest product launch with ease,” said Jessica Cheng, Director of Global Marketing at OnePiece Work.

The impact of Covid on the office industry will be felt for some time. It is now clear that workplace models are forever changing for companies of all sizes. As enterprises across an array of industries move to more workplace autonomy, it will become increasingly necessary to have access to a large network of office alternatives.  

LiquidSpace PRO™ lets flexible office providers offer enterprise-grade workspace by the hour, day, month or longer to newly remote workers across North America, while streamlining transactions through a standardized license agreement and payment processing. 

“We have partnered with the leading serviced-office brands to ensure enterprises have the quality and quantity of space they need to meet the new demands of Work From Anywhere,” commented Mark Gilbreath CEO, LiquidSpace. “Our venue partners, and the caliber of space they offer enterprises, are an important part of our ongoing commitment to support enterprises’ Work From Anywhere work models.”

“As the largest national provider of locally owned and operated workspaces close to home, Office Evolution is proud to be part of the LiquidSpace PRO™ program. Our network of 72-plus locations fulfills an important niche for LiquidSpace as they expand their reach, providing members with access to Work From Anywhere with peace of mind,” said William Edmundson, COO of Office Evolution and President of the Global Workspace Association. 

The new demands of Work Form Anywhere will be supported by serviced offices, building owners and companies seeking to share underutilized space. It will take a network of supply to meet the diverse demands of Work From Anywhere, including: 

  • On-demand workspaces – workspaces available on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. 
  • Dedicated workspaces – desks or private offices that employees can use on an exclusive basis over short or long terms. 
  • Hubs – Dedicated spaces for larger teams – up to hundreds of employees – but without long-term commitments or overhead costs.

“Our biggest challenge now is to meet the growing demand of supply in suburban and rural areas, as employees seek near-home workplace options,” said LiquidSpace CEO Mark Gilbreath. “Growing our network with high-caliber space across North America and around the globe is a top priority for our organization.

“Being part of the LiquidSpace PRO™ network gives flexible office venues premium placement in enterprise office searches, pro badging on profile and office listing pages and preferred rates for on-demand bookings. Offering on-demand and dedicated space on LiquidSpace PRO™ is an opportunity to be part of the enterprise movement toward Work From Anywhere.

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