Home News Releases Lincoln District Project Office in Tacoma to Close on Dec. 12

Lincoln District Project Office in Tacoma to Close on Dec. 12

After serving as an anchor point for the Lincoln District Revitalization Project for the last three years, the City of Tacoma’s Lincoln District project office will close on Dec. 12.

“The City will continue to cultivate the relationships that were established and strengthened throughout this extensive process,” said Mayor Victoria Woodards. “With ongoing visits and support from City staff, our partners across the business community and community members will continue to have easy access to City services.”

The Lincoln District streetscape is the cornerstone of the Lincoln Revitalization effort. Construction took place along South 38th Street, from South J Street to South Fawcett Avenue; as well as along South G Street between South 37th and South 38th streets, and on South Yakima Avenue between South 37th and South 39th streets. Key features of the streetscape include roadway, sidewalk, public art and pedestrian infrastructure improvements.

“With upgraded sidewalks and streets, as well as public art components, the Lincoln District streetscape as it stands now has truly raised the profile of the Lincoln neighborhood,” said District 4 Council Member Catherine Ushka. “I am proud of the work that has been accomplished and look forward to the continued evolution of this incredibly unique area.”

While the majority of the Lincoln District streetscape is complete, some work is ongoing which may affect traffic and parking through the first quarter of 2019. This work includes new plantings and the installation of art and an overhead lighting system along South Yakima Avenue. There is also additional work that will take place at the intersection of South 38th Street and South Yakima Avenue, when a lotus design is sandblasted into the intersection.

Additional information and updates about this project are available at cityoftacoma.org/LincolnStreetscape.