Home Industry News Joint $4.25MM Land Sale Near Battleground, WA, Highlights Model for Sustainable Development

Joint $4.25MM Land Sale Near Battleground, WA, Highlights Model for Sustainable Development

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Image courtesy of Beneficial Ventures

On August 9, 2018  — Beneficial Ventures (BV) brokered a $4.25M purchase of 674 acres near Battleground, WA known as Bells Mountain. Beneficial Ventures was the sole brokerage in the transaction representing the buyer.

Beneficial Ventures worked closely with multiple parties, including Forterra NW to purchase the property. At a minimum, 40% of the property will be permanently preserved for conservation. Bells Mountain is a significant private land holding surrounded by public ownership on three sides with strong conservation value. A top priority for the property are wildlife habitat conservation and enhancement. Multiple areas on the property have significant conservation value, including two native Garry Oak groves.

“It was Forterra’s suggestion to include a minimum of 40% conserved land as part of the initial deal. It’s possible more will be permanently conserved in time,” notes Toby Levey, Vice President of Real Estate Transactions at Forterra.“ The deal was only possible with hard work and concerted effort by multiple parties prioritizing habitat conservation and ecological communities,” says Ben Kaufman, Managing Broker at Beneficial Ventures.

“There was a tremendous amount of work the last 10 days. This transaction came together fast and smooth because of the professionalism and acumen at the table combined with shared missions and values.”

The final negotiations prior to closing took place during the beginning of the 17 day period when J35, the mother orca, lost her calf and was touring the Sound in mourning. “An organization that is committed to the health of Puget Sound is an important beneficiary, along with organizations that support homeless families and international education,“ stated Kaufman. “Our donation to Puget Soundkeeper Alliance supports their involvement with the International Coastal Clean-Up on Saturday, September 15th. In total, $16k was given to The Cloudbase Foundation, Portland Homeless Family Solutions, Forterra and Washington Kids in Transition.

To find the property, Beneficial Ventures looked throughout Oregon and Washington for land with strong conservation value. During feasibility study, a group of wildlife trackers completed a comprehensive species list identifying animals, birds, and plants currently on the property. A permaculture report identifying sensitive areas, and areas of degradation most suitable for possible development was also completed. Beneficial Ventures is interested in creating high density nodes around the region, connected with transportation and steeped in green principles and ecological communities.