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James Beard Public Market Sets Sights on Portland’s Innovation Quadrant

The James Beard Public Market will participate in the Master Planning Process for the development of OMSI’s riverfront property on Portland’s eastside

PORTLAND, Ore.–The James Beard Public Market, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and public-private partnership developing a permanent year-round public market, has accepted an invitation from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) to participate in the Master Planning for OMSI’s expanded campus, which is located within Portland’s emerging Innovation Quadrant. OMSI recently launched a process to create a master development plan for the museum’s 18-acre waterfront property with the goal of creating and activating a vibrant presence along the waterfront.

“We’re thrilled at the prospect of locating the Market at the east end of the Tilikum Crossing. It’s an attractive site for countless reasons. Teaming up with OMSI and its partners in the Innovation Quadrant will benefit the entire community,” says Fred Granum, Executive Director of the James Beard Public Market. “Our many supporters enthusiastically favor it as a real boost to our plans.”

James Beard Public Market previously sought to develop the Public Market at the west end of the Morrison Bridge in downtown Portland.

“After much work by many, we decided that the Morrison Bridgehead site just posed too many challenges,” says Granum. “The extended delays and additional costs posed by the bridge and its ramps were more than we could accept. We’re delighted to consider these new opportunities that will allow us to move the project forward now.”

OMSI selected design firm Snohetta to lead the Master Planning team. Work on the plan began this month and is expected to be complete in Spring of 2017. www.snohetta.com

About Portland’s Innovation Quadrant
The quadrant extends across the Willamette River and includes four districts in the central city. On the west side is Portland State University’s University District and Oregon Health Science University’s Marquam Hill and Schnitzer campuses. On the east side, the quadrant contains the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland Opera and Portland Community College. www.pdxinnovation.com

About the James Beard Public Market
The James Beard Public Market will be a daily year-round indoor-outdoor marketplace showcasing Oregon’s bounty of food and food products while promoting community health, rural and urban economic development, neighborhood revitalization, and tourism. The James Beard Public Market is a project of The Historic Portland Public Market Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. To learn more, visit www.jamesbeardmarket.com.