IA Interior Architects Completes Big Fish Headquarters in Seattle

Big Fish, a casual gaming company that creates popular mobile games, brought IA along to create a highly functional and expressive headquarters reflective of Seattle’s roots.  A digital “pixel” wall, moss covered walls, and an oval fish tank weighing 5500 lbs. are among design elements that speak to the brand.

With teams constantly working on multiple projects at the same time, a seamless and immediate flexibility was key for personal spaces as well as breakout spaces. Staff can customize their environment using self-produced content; graphics generated by highly competitive development teams have a place to be displayed.

“We toured 13 buildings and finally got to the Maritime Building. We were standing there on the rooftop with the leadership of Big Fish—and the guys just stood there looking out at the water and it was like we knew this was their home.” Jami Howard, Senior Designer, IA | Interior Architects