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Grosvenor Group Senior Management Appointments Now Effective

As previously announced in 2016, a number of senior management changes take effect today, 1 January 2017.

Mark Preston, Chief Executive of Grosvenor Group Limited, takes over the role of Executive Trustee of the Grosvenor Estate today.

As previously announced in 2016, Mark succeeds Jeremy Newsum who has held the post since 1993 and who retired at the end of 2016 to become Non-Executive Trustee. Mark will also remain Chief Executive of Grosvenor Group.

A number of other senior management appointments announced in 2016 also take effect today.

Peter Vernon becomes Group Executive Director, reporting to Mark Preston, after stepping down as Chief Executive of Grosvenor Britain & Ireland. Peter will join the Group Board and take responsibility for oversight of three of the Group’s four regional Operating Companies – Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, Grosvenor Americas and Grosvenor Asia Pacific – and the Group’s research function.

Peter is succeeded as Chief Executive by Craig McWilliam, until recently Grosvenor Britain & Ireland’s Executive Director for the London Estate. Craig will join the Grosvenor Group’s Executive Committee.

Will Bax, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland’s Director for Placemaking is appointed to the Operating Company’s Board as Executive Director, London Estate Investment and Development.

About Grosvenor Group
Grosvenor, one of the world’s largest private international property groups, works in some of most dynamic cities around the globe. We are guided by our ‘Living cities’ philosophy; we strive to create, manage and invest in properties and places that contribute to the enduring success of the cities in which we work.

With 300 years’ experience as steward of our London estate, we believe we can help cities grow and evolve in ways that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. We aim to make a long term contribution to these cities’ future success by using creative design, high quality building materials and innovative environmental solutions in our development projects, and through intelligent management of our property assets. In doing so, we strive to create places in which people will want to live, work and enjoy their free time.

By taking a long term approach, we are able to combine our global expertise with local knowledge and cultural understanding. We want our projects to reflect the spirit of the individual city and to foster thriving communities. We work closely with local communities, businesses and civic authorities, and with our partners, consultants and other developers to achieve this.

Today we have 17 offices in 11 countries and assets in 17 countries. We have regional investment and development businesses in Britain & Ireland, the Americas and Asia Pacific, and will soon launch a fourth, Grosvenor Europe, on 1 July 2016. We also have indirect investments, managed centrally. As at 31 December 2015, the Group had total assets under management of £13.1bn.

Unusually for a private company, Grosvenor publishes a detailed reporting suite – Annual Review, Financial Statements and a Non-Financial Data Report – all available at: www.grosvenor.com @GrosvenorGRP