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Gemdale USA’s 324-Unit 222 Dexter Project Clears Design Review

Hewitt Architecture, 222 Dexter, Cloud Tower, Glendale USA, Seattle
Rendering Courtesy of HEWITT Architecture

On February 19th, GEMDALE USA Corporation and HEWITT presented their Recommendation Design Proposal for 222 Dexter, also nicked-named “Cloud Tower”. The project received unanimous approval from the Design Review Board, who appreciated the development of a clear design concept, exhibiting thoughtful use and detailing of enduring materials. The board supported the evolution of the design concept, praising the team for their well thought-out decisions that tied back to the over-arching concept of “two scales, two expressions” in reference to the podium and tower design.

“The horizontal expression is a huge improvement – it has a calmness and playfulness that’s an interesting contrast with what is going on with the tower. To me, it’s a better concept with the podium from the earlier version (at EDG)…and has a materially rich expression.” – Patreese Martin

“The thing that stands out to me is the pulling out of the lower northeast   entries along Dexter (in the renderings). That is the kind of thing that is just utterly missing in every new project and it creates an interest and scale as you arewalkingdownthesidewalk.”- Stephen Porter

“It’s rare we ask for studies and actually see them clearly and well laid out. Overall, I am very supportive.” – Stephen Porter

“Appropriate study of the roof terminus and I followed all of the rationales. The presentation was clear and packed full.” – John Morefield

“So frequently we ask for clear concepts and consistent execution and that happened here. Every decision was well thought through and tied back to the over-arching concept. The concept was stated once and then many times.” – Stephen Porter

“The secondary scale of multiple spandrel colors and operable windows help us understand the human scale in place of balconies” – John Morefield

“We don’t see board form concrete handled this sensitively and at this human scale.” – Patreese Martin

The proposed mixed-use project is slated at 290 feet, and includes 324 apartments units, 126 parking stalls and approximately 2,480 square feet of street level retail. Cloud Tower’s design concept is rooted in an idea that the tower operates at two scales and with two expressions. It responds to the streetscape at a human scale while connecting with a larger, more distant context.

About HEWITT Architecture

Seattle based HEWITT Architecture was founded in 1975 and is led today by Director of Design, Julia Nagele and Director of Practice, Sean Ludviksen. The studio is a collective of creators and thinkers who are driven by their curiosity and rigor.

The studio has designed a wide range of work from skyscrapers to small-scale retail and mixed-use projects. Currently under development in Seattle are The Emerald Tower, Capitol Hill Transit Oriented Development, 222 Dexter and Hinoki, an affordable housing project in   the Yesler Terrace  neighborhood.

HEWITT Architecture’s design approach seeks to expand the urban experience. Their work     is inspired by the historical, cultural and natural context. They focus their collective expertise on a range of project types and sizes, endeavoring to evoke meaningful responses within the complexities of urban  life.