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Full Building Renovation of Historic Pioneer Square Lowman & Hanford Building

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Image courtesy of Freiheit Architecture

BELLEVUE, Wash. — August. 2, 2018 — Built in 1892 as a four-story building with upper three floors added in 1902, the building served the Lowman and Hanford printing business for more than half a century. The 23,508 sq. ft. building was later transitioned to retail and office space.

With a portfolio of historic buildings, current owner Manchester Capital is undertaking a full building renovation to include restoration of the historic façade, seismic retrofit, new mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and plumbing systems, elevator modernization, and common area upgrades.

Led by FREIHEIT Architecture and structural engineer Swenson Say Faget, the design team developed plans to update and retrofit the building for office and retail uses while respecting the historic character and challenges of modernizing a century old building.

Lowman and Hanford continues the trend of the revitalization movement currently underway in Pioneer Square to improve, yet preserve the culturally rich, historic neighborhood.

FREIHEIT Architecture is the architect for the project, represented by President David Hills and Senior Project Architect, Chris Amonson along with Far West TI General Contractor and Property Manager, Shawn Safavi of Pinnacle Commercial.