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Fieldwire Launches Custom Forms to Reduce Paperwork on Construction Jobsites

SAN FRANCISCO (January 31, 2019 ) — Fieldwire, a leading construction field management solution, announced today the release of its Custom Form Builder which allows users to build forms customized to fit any existing processes on their jobsites — in the same platform they use to manage their plans, work, and punch lists.

This announcement coincides with Fieldwire’s launch of six default construction forms — daily reports, inspection checklists, RFIs, timesheets, safety audit forms, and time & materials forms.

Fieldwire’s customers are already benefiting from the new product. For example, Steven Clements, Business Manager, DC Electric said, “Custom forms built into Fieldwire has allowed us to get closer to our goal of becoming a completely paperless office. We are now 90% paperless and hope to be 100% paperless by May of this year.”

Each form is customizable to adapt to anything a contractor’s customers or partners need to see and how Fieldwire users already operate. Additionally, unlike traditional PDF forms, everything is stored in a single database, making the project data easily searchable if compliance issues ever occur.

Yves Frinault, co-founder and CEO of Fieldwire, added, “Fieldwire’s ability to create and manage any form is a huge win for our customers. It allows them to consolidate all their paper forms within one easy-to-use platform, making the data searchable and accessible at any time.” Lindsey Smith, Quality Control Manager at Apex Steel agreed, saying “the custom forms are thorough, organized, and easy to use. They look great and we are so excited to use them!”

Fieldwire forms are designed to work on any mobile device in the field and are automatically archived and indexed so you can find them back in the office.

To learn more about Fieldwire’s Custom Form Builder, please go to Fieldwire’s construction forms page. For more in-depth information, sign up for Fieldwire’s Custom Forms Webinar to learn how to digitize your existing jobsite processes.

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