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ExtraSlice Raises $1 Million To Accelerate Growth of Tech-Focused Flexible Workspace

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Meghana Subramarian, co-founder and co-CEO (left) and Binu Regunathan, co-founder and co-CEO (right)

BELLEVUE, WA – November 2, 2017 – ExtraSlice (www.extraslice.com), a technology focused flexible workspace and hybrid technology campus, today announced that it has raised $1 million to accelerate the company’s growth. ExtraSlice plans to apply the funding to key areas of physical and virtual technology infrastructure and space expansion, as well as sales and marketing. The company is also developing local and global networks of professional service and technology providers to better connect the Seattle-area technology community to the rest of the world.

Investors include a variety of angel investors with technology and real estate backgrounds as well as organizations such as Benaroya Capital. ExtraSlice had been entirely self-funded since its 2013 inception. ExtraSlice’s first Bellevue, WA location is now home to a growing base of more than 80 technology companies of all size, including startup, emerging and larger enterprise. The company recently expanded to a second floor to accommodate continued growth and plans to open multiple Seattle-area facilities within the next year.

ExtraSlice has seen especially strong interest from larger enterprise technology companies and has ramped its offerings accordingly, including: branded offices for companies needing secure, private facilities; dedicated lines; video conferencing and more. For large enterprises, ExtraSlice can also offer private entrances and agile infrastructure with the flexibility to suit specific company needs.

For smaller companies, ExtraSlice has complemented private offices with the development of popular four-person pods, which are semi-private office spaces for organizations looking for affordability and flexibility beyond what traditional office leases provide. ExtraSlice is also seeing increased activity from vendor companies serving large technology organizations based in the Greater Seattle area.

Entirely focused on technology, ExtraSlice was founded by two software engineers who structured the company to provide members with much more than just workspace.

The company’s developing local and global networks, along with expanded training programs are designed specifically to help tech companies thrive by making essential services easily available to them as needed. At the same time, the networks will enable ExtraSlice members to offer their own technologies and professional services to other tech companies.

“As the Seattle area’s first and only 100% technology focused flexible workspace, ExtraSlice is resonating strongly with tech companies of all size,” said Binu Regunathan, ExtraSlice co-founder and co-CEO. “The time is right to accelerate our growth and we look forward to applying this funding to provide exceptional value to our members while setting a foundation for our continued growth.”

According to Meghana Subramarian, company co-founder and co-CEO, ExtraSlice is the result of personal experience.

“As technologists, we as company founders experienced first-hand that the Greater Seattle region did not have a comprehensive home for technology companies such as what we’re building at ExtraSlice,” said Subramarian. “Beyond great physical space, ExtraSlice is establishing a technology marketplace and culture where community and collaboration are supported by top-of-line technology infrastructure, training, services and security. In short, a place that really feels like a technology campus, not just some shared real estate.”

ExtraSlice also regularly hosts technology focused events for the broader community, such as funding and educational events, networking and tech meetups. In 2018 ExtraSlice is slated to host the Bellevue Tech Expo.

About ExtraSlice:
ExtraSlice, the place for tech™, is a technology focused flexible workspace and hybrid technology campus bringing together resident companies with a platform of training and service providers to deliver new technologies to market. Based in Bellevue, WA and founded by software engineers, ExtraSlice caters to technology companies of all sizes including early startup, emerging and enterprise. In addition to workspace, ExtraSlice’s emerging community enables technology companies, training and service providers to connect with each other, creating an ecosystem where they can collaborate, grow, and connect with the rest of the globe. The company also regularly hosts technology focused events, as well as a channel for technology companies to generate marketplace feedback on new technologies and products, more ways in which ExtraSlice is the place for tech.

Meghana Subramarian, company co-founder and co-CEO (left) and Binu Regunathan, ExtraSlice co-founder and co-CEO (right)