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The Registry Events: Online Registration Terms & Conditions

  1. This Event is organized by The Registry (Mighty Dot Media, Inc.), which reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit or deny access to any entity or individual. To be eligible to participate, you must be 21 years or older. If access is denied by The Registry for any reason, payments collected will be promptly refunded.
  2. Registrations may be refunded, or tickets re-activated, if cancellation is made in writing by the applicable Event cancellation cutoff date set forth below. Cancellations received after the cancellation cutoff date or nonattendance will not be refunded and/or tickets will not be re-activated. Cancellation cutoff date for all Events is 15 business days prior to Event start date.
  3. Substitution of registrations may be made at any time up to the Event start date. Sharing of Attendee passes is not permitted. “No Shows” will be deemed a cancellation per the cancellation cutoff date in section 2 above.
  4. By attending the Event, you agree to abide by all generally applicable rules and regulations governing your Event that have been provided or otherwise made known to you by The Registry.
  5. By attending the Event, you acknowledge and agree that (i) your image may be used by The Registry as set forth hereunder; and (ii) other Event Attendees may capture your image, in photo, video or streaming formats, which The Registry cannot control and for which The Registry disclaims all liability.
  6. Submission of a registration online, by phone or email, constitutes an official registration and intent to attend the Event. Full payment must be received prior to the Event in order to gain entry.
  7. Your registration for, and participation in, this The Registry Event constitutes your acknowledgement and agreement to these terms and conditions.