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City of Port Orchard Lifts Water Permit Moratorium for New Home Construction Following Agreement with McCormick Communities LLC.

Port Orchard, WA – In a City Council vote the evening of November 26, Port Orchard officials lifted a moratorium on the issuance of permits for water hook-ups on new home construction. The emergency moratorium was instituted by the City on June 11, 2019, citing a lack of suitable infrastructure for the increased water usage anticipated with new housing in the region.

In response, McCormick Communities LLC is committing $18 million in private funds to build needed water infrastructure in the region that connects the southern border of Bremerton to the Southwest region of Port Orchard, which includes the McCormick development. Both cities share water infrastructure and service the McCormick properties.

“I greatly appreciate the effort put forth by our staff, the City of Bremerton, South Kitsap Fire and McCormick Communities to resolve a complicated situation,” said Port Orchard Mayor Rob Putaanuu. “I’m thankful that we’ve found solutions that allow us to lift the water moratorium and resume building activity in McCormick Woods.”

This solution was a collaborative effort between the Cities of Bremerton and Port Orchard, and McCormick Communities LLC. On November 20th, the City of Bremerton voted to approve an interlocal agreement regarding shared infrastructure, the first step to removing the permit moratorium. Port Orchard’s vote on the 26th means that the city will now accept new permits to be issued for future housing construction.

“This is a good example of jurisdictions working together in cooperation with the private sector to the benefit of all our citizens” said Bremerton Mayor Greg Wheeler. 

The agreement includes the construction of two new reservoirs, one new well, a new transmission main, and upgrades for an existing well that currently services McCormick Village Park and surrounding area. In total, the new infrastructure could service up to 1,300 acres. Up to 500 of those acres would benefit property and lots not owned by McCormick. The first phase of the project includes one reservoir and the transmission main, which are expected to be completed in 18 months. 

“Our long-term commitment to the health and livability of our communities is priority number one,” said Eric Campbell, CEO of MainStreet Property Group, the parent company of McCormick. “I’m very proud of the cooperation between McCormick and the Cities. This is an example of how we do the right thing – through thoughtful engagement to deliver win/win solutions.”

During the permit moratorium, McCormick continued construction of new housing for lots with previously issued permits. Now with access to new permits, the company will move forward on new home construction as part of their master plan.

“We have seen incredible demand to live at McCormick. People relish the natural beauty, serenity, and welcoming community found here,” said Campbell. “Moving forward, we are committed to maintaining the great lifestyle available to current and future McCormick residents, and the wider Port Orchard community.”

A renowned master-planned development in Kitsap County for the last three decades, McCormick is thoughtfully designed to support a thriving community, while preserving the natural environment of forest and open space. McCormick Communities LLC acquired the development in 2015 and has furthered this mission to build a vibrant community and to sustain its natural beauty and surrounding environment for decades to come. McCormick is set to launch its newest neighborhood later this year, offering view lots on the 10th fairway of the McCormick Woods Golf Club, and in walking distance to the Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar.

About McCormick

McCormick is a master-planned community in Port Orchard, set in a natural forest environment which features the McCormick Woods Golf Club. McCormick offers new homes starting in the $400s, with neighborhoods thoughtfully planned to maintain forest land and open green space.