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Catalyst Loft: BiNW Announces Workplace Lab for the Era of Ideas

Seattle, WA, June 1, 2016: BiNW announces Catalyst Loft, a living lab for thought leadership, learning and dialogue on the modern workplace.

“With the Catalyst Loft, BiNW has taken the typical furniture show room and transformed it into a designer’s innovation environment. A place to experiment, test and discover new ways to advance the collaborative workplace. The Catalyst Loft in essence is an energized design laboratory with the agility of a movie set where one can quickly prototype and test multiple work environments within a single space,” said Dean Harris of JPC Architects.

“How we work has changed. We’ve moved from the Industrial and Information ages to the Era of Ideas. Many organizations fail to address this and it hampers not only the work but employee retention,” said Sean O’Brien, CEO of BiNW.

“The Loft is designed to breathe new ideas and ways of working into the conversation that will maximize workplace collaboration and satisfaction. It’s about creating the most engaging place to work.”

Located on the 21st floor of One Convention place, the Loft brings commercial real estate brokers, architects, designers and manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Maharam, Muraflex, Grove and Environamics and others together to test new ideas – refreshed multiple times a year – in a focused place for examination and discussion.

The Catalyst Loft is available by appointment only.