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Cascadia Pointe in Kitsap’s Silverdale is Helping Expand Retail Options for Growing Community

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By The Registry Staff

In the bustling Kitsap Mall District of Silverdale, Cascadia Senior Living’s founders, Justin Younker and Doug Ellison, are looking to unveil their latest venture: Cascadia Pointe. Adjacent to their Fieldstone Community, this development’s inaugural phase will feature a collection of highly visible retail buildings that sit directly across from The Trails at Silverdale, an open-air hub on the Kitsap Peninsula.

The Fieldstone Community, spanning 6.46 acres, laid the foundation for a grander plan. Cascadia Pointe, the first phase of assemblage parcels, will occupy 3.36 acres and will add to the Kitsap Mall District. The west parcel, housing Building E and fronting on Greaves Way, boasts 1.72 acres, while the Hospitality/Campus parcel, fronting only on the new road, is spread across approximately 2.93 acres.

The two parcels will comprise Phase 2 of the development. The anticipated delivery date for this phase is the first quarter of 2025.

These parcels possess the highest commercial zoning granted by Kitsap County in Silverdale, allowing for multiple stories to be erected on the site. Studies indicate that the site can accommodate a 125-room hotel, but the development team is open to exploring other possibilities, such as a satellite or medical campus user, according to Steve Ruggiero, president of First American Properties and the leasing agent for Cascadia Pointe. His firm has been intimately involved in this area’s evolution from its inception, handling everything from assemblage to entitlement to leasing for The Trails. To date, hospitality has shown the greatest interest in this space, Ruggiero said.

The location of these parcels is highly favorable, sitting prominently above the surrounding developments with views and sight lines that span the region. According to Ruggiero, this development could be a major asset to the Kitsap Peninsula. 

Among the notable tenants to call Cascadia Pointe home are Starbucks, Indigo Urgent Care, and the first Dave’s Hot Chicken in the state of Washington, which will add this burgeoning franchise, one of the most sought-after concepts in America today, to the local culinary scene of the neighborhood.

The expansion of the Urban Growth Area to the north side of State Route 3 in 2010 set the stage for the development of the area. Since then, the puzzle pieces have fallen into place, with more than 5,250 residential units planned or currently under construction between Bremerton and Poulsbo, Ruggiero stated. The Navy’s $3.2 billion investment in nearby Naval infrastructure facilities, which must be spent before 2029, has also helped to fuel housing growth. Currently, more than 38,000 military and civilian personnel are employed across the bases. This has helped Silverdale enjoy a strategic position as the only regional mall and hospital serving all of Kitsap County.

According to Ruggiero, Cascadia Pointe’s buildings will benefit from the immediate highway access and visibility while complementing the adjacent hotel/campus parcel. This site boasts views of Mt. Rainier, Dye’s Inlet, and the key highway interchange that feeds the entire Retail and Medical District. “Not only are we bringing established brand names to the greater Kitsap marketplace, but we also have the capacity to accommodate a much-needed hotel or campus development. The property ticks all the boxes for users, including convenience, accessibility, views, and surrounding amenities,” he said.

Cascadia Pointe will stretch from Clear Creek Road to the forthcoming Bella Vista Avenue NW, the long-awaited North/South connector road that will provide access to over 1,050 adjacent residences that are either currently open or under construction. These key frontage parcels are poised to serve not only those residents but also those who frequent the entire District, creating a cohesive whole.

Delivery of Cascadia Pointe is anticipated for the second quarter of 2024.