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Cairncross & Hempelmann Welcomes Diversity Fellow and Attorney, Eli Yim

Seattle, Washington – Cairncross & Hempelmann is pleased to announce the addition of Eli Yim. As the firm’s 2015 Diversity Fellow and Summer Associate, the firm is excited to welcome him as a practicing attorney.

CH& values well-rounded practitioners, and encourages first-year associates to participate in several practice groups prior to choosing a specialization. Eli is currently working with the Business Group, and practice group leader, Mike Beers notes, “the firm is excited to have Eli provide strategic legal assistance to a wide range industries, and he is already working with some of the area’s leading companies. We are equally excited to capitalize on Eli’s local connections that he fostered during his time with several of Seattle’s well-known organizations.”

Eli received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Connecticut College, his Master’s in Education from Harvard University, and his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Washington School of Law. Eli brings to his legal practice extensive professional experience in communications—as a former program officer and consultant at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—K-12 education, and journalism. While in law school, Eli interned with The Defender Association’s child dependency unit in Seattle and worked as a law clerk with the Washington State Office of the Attorney General, University of Washington Division.

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