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AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design Acquires Seattle’s Caron Architecture

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Courtesy of AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 10, 2023 /CNW/ – California-based architecture firm AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design today announced its acquisition of Seattle-based Caron Architecture. Effective January 1, 2023, the agreement will see Caron Architecture rebrand and become AXIS/GFA’s new Seattle studio. The acquisition is the latest milestone in AXIS/GFA’s ongoing growth and expansion along the West Coast, and further positions the firm as one of the most widely-practiced hotel and multi-familyresidential architectural design firms in the Western United States.

Acquisition creates a new Pacific Northwest studio for AXIS/GFA

The integration of Caron into the AXIS/GFA brand extends AXIS/GFA’s reach into the Pacific Northwest. With existing AXIS/GFA studios in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and with satellite offices in Las Vegas, Hawaii and Boston, the acquisition of Caron’s Seattle studio effectively positions AXIS/GFA to now service clients across the entire Western United States and Hawaii.

AXIS/GFA to gain additional multi-family residential design expertise

In addition to increasing the firm’s geographic reach, the acquisition leverages Caron’s noted multi-family residential design expertise, supplementing the capabilities of AXIS/GFA’s well-established and award-winning hospitality and multi-family design practices.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity,” states AXIS/GFA Founding Principal Architect and CEO Cory Creath. “Caron complements AXIS/GFA’s strategic plans in a number of ways. Considering their core expertise, adding their studio to our firm increases the capabilities and competitiveness of our multi-family residential practice. Given their location, Caron immediately adds an established presence for AXIS/GFA in the Pacific Northwest,” Creath continued.

A shared focus on client success through trusted relationships

In addition to enjoying complementary strengths by way of their practice expertise, AXIS/GFA and Caron also enrich each other through their shared belief in client success through trusted relationships.

“I’ve always been proud of how Caron distinguished ourselves by striving to be our clients’ greatest advocate,” states Radim Blazej, Founding Principal Architect at Caron Architecture. “Seeing now how AXIS/GFA embraces a similar culture as ours, I’m confident this partnership is set for success.”

Radim Blazej will continue to lead the team in Seattle as AXIS/GFA’s new Principal and local Studio Director.Caron’s rebrand as an AXIS/GFA studio is anticipated to complete through early 2023; watch AXIS/GFA’s blog and social channels for those upcoming announcements.

About AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design

Founded in 2001, AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design is an award-winning full-service international architecture and design firm with studios in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle, and satellite offices in Las Vegas, Boston and Hawaii. Although an all-industry firm, AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design offers particular expertise in hospitality design, hotel architecture, hospitality facility renovations, and multi-family residential architectural design.

About Caron Architecture

Based in Seattle, Caron is a full-service architecture firm that provides simple and elegant designs for a wide variety of national and international clients. Founded in 2002, Caron offers particular expertise in multi-family residential, hotel, and mixed-use/commercial architectural design, as well as pre-development and master planning technical services.