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Atlassian Takes 15,000 SQFT at Kilroy’s Skyline Tower in Bellevue

By The Registry Staff

Atlassian Corp. (Nasdaq: TEAM) has announced its plans to establish a new office in downtown Bellevue next year, as stated in a press release on Tuesday. The Sydney-based software company has secured approximately 15,000 square feet of space in Kilroy Realty’s Skyline Tower at 10900 NE Fourth St., according to official filings. The company has recently finalized the lease agreement and intends to relocate to the premises in February.

This upcoming office will mark Atlassian’s twelfth global office and fifth in the United States. Presently, the company has offices located in New York, Austin, and two in the Bay Area. Although Atlassian has more than 200 employees in the Seattle area, the company does not specifically designate the office as a hub solely for local staff. Instead, the office is accessible to any Atlassian employee.

Through Atlassian’s Team Anywhere program, employees have the flexibility to choose their preferred workspace, whether it be at home, in any office location, or a combination of both. Annie Dean, the head of Atlassian’s Team Anywhere, expressed the company’s perspective on the office’s role, stating, “We’re a distributed-first company yet we’re not saying the office is dead. We still believe our offices play a central role and coming together should be for a purpose, on purpose.”

Atlassian, similar to other technology companies embracing hybrid or remote work policies, considers its offices primarily as collaborative environments. Dean elaborated on the company’s office strategy, emphasizing the utilization of data and community input to inform real estate decisions. For instance, upon discovering that 50 percent of individuals working in their New York City office flew in from out of town to have in-person interactions with their teammates, Atlassian introduced a dedicated space called “Intentional Togetherness” with a capacity of 65 people to facilitate team connections.

In addition to Atlassian, Flexport has also recently secured a tenancy at Skyline Tower, leasing over 55,000 square feet. Meanwhile, the tower has experienced departures from major tenants such as Amazon, relinquishing 130,000 square feet, and Meta, offering two floors for sublease.

While Atlassian is a global company, its Chief Technical Officer, Rajeev Rajan, is based in the Seattle area and was recruited from Meta last year, according to a report in the Puget Sound Business Journal.